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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The New Samsung Range Installed (with photos)

The new baby in place

The new range in place.

Samsung Rangetop and Controls

You can barely make out the size of the burner on the right. 12" is HUGE.

Samsung Oven

Just to get a sense of how big a 5.7 cu. ft. oven is. That's a 2 lb sourdough loaf proofing...

Comparing oven rack size Samsung vs. Kenmore

The smaller rack in front was from the old Kenmore/Frigidaire. One of the biggest disappointments with the Kenmore was that you could not put two standard cookie sheets on a rack, due to the intrusion of the fan in the back of the oven.

First Loaf from New Oven

First results out of the oven. A nearly perfect sourdough miche!


helen d said...

i am thinking of getting the same oven (for the knobs!)
are you STILL happy with it?
i am concerned about samsung because i have no experience with the company.

Random Royalty said...

Hi Helen:

Yes we are still very happy with the range. I would buy another one without hesitation.

You can check also check out my review and follow-up on

Basically it is for the size of the oven cavity, but the rangetop performs extremely well. And it is very easy to clean too!

padillaklan said...

Wante to thank u for ur review I was impressed but knowing nithing about the brand I thought I was settled on the safer choice of the kenmore stainless 97453 thatis until I stumbled upon ur review I am wondering how u like the steam self cleaning never heard of it before does this mean the oven racks can stay I during the cleaning? Also still happy any dislikes now that u have had it for a while?

Random Royalty said...

The steam clean does allow you to leave racks in the oven. However this is not a replacement for the traditional self-clean. If you really get the oven dirty with baked-on crud over time you will still have to do a full clean cycle.

The range is still performing top notch and I would definitely buy another.

However I noticed that Sears is now selling a range with an inductive cooktop (exclusively), which has me very curious! But...the switch to induction would mean giving up my Calphalon cookware... and its double the price of the Samsung!

Generally if the Kenmore you are looking at is not built by Frigidaire it should serve you well. This will depend on your needs, esp. how important the oven size and performance is to you.

JavasTheory said...

BEWARE! I purchased this range and initially loved it. A few months after buying, a knob broke off. Shouldn't be a big deal, however Samsung refuses to honor the warranty. They say that I must have been abusing the stove and that there is no way that there could have been a manufacturing defect. There warranty clearly states:

"Samsung Electronics Canada, Inc. warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, non-commercial use of this product."

They do not agree that turning the stove on is considered normal use.

Granted they make nice appliances, however they can only be considered as good as the support that comes with them...