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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deciding which dishwasher

Samsung DMR77LHS

We got it down to Asko, Bosch, Blomberg and Samsung. From a performance perspective it looks like Bosch is the winner as it has the lowest energy rating, uses very little water, uses very little soap and has a very low repair incidence.

But we went with the Samsung DMR77LHS. How did we decide?

We were really intrigued with the Blomberg based on their reputation in Europe, but could not get enough information from other users in north America or any details on water and soap consumption from Blomberg to make a choice. Asko got dropped due to a poor reliability record (based on Consumer Reports), but I really liked how it was designed. This got the choice down to 2 units: The Bosch SHX68 and the Samsung DMR77. We were leaning more towards the Samsung due to our experience with the Range, and of course my wife's desire to have a matching cabinet :-).

Essentially my criteria was first and foremost energy and water conservation, but was based on rated capacity of the dishwasher. For example the Bosch is rated at 257 kWh and uses 9-22 litres of water but only holds 12 place settings. The Samsung on the other hand holds 14 place settings but water consumption increases to 19-30 litres and 310 kWh annually.

The next criteria was cleaning and drying. My main beef with European dishwashers is the lack of a drying fan and the lack of a food grinder, which means cleaning out a filter every once in a while. The Samsung seemed to cater more to the north American market by having both.

Finally when purchase cost is considered, it was not worth paying $800 more for the Bosch unit, as it would have meant an additional 10 years before the energy and water savings would be amortized.

So far the Samsung unit is installed and has proven worthy, but not without a few caveats. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review...


mkaush said...

We just made the decision to go with the Samsung dishwasher instead of the Bosch one; however, we don't see any references/opinions from anyone else on the Samsung dishwasher. The only one we see is way back from 2006 and is a bad one.

We are curious to know how your experience has been...

Random Royalty said...

hi mkaush!

I just posted a review of the dishwasher today. You may want to check it out.

Mainly the old dishwashers were built by Maytag and the new ones aren't.

Good luck with the new dishwasher and I would be interested in learning about your experience with it!