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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fed up with crappy appliances

Our 6 year old Kenmore range (model no. C970-657081 manufactured by Frigidaire) broke yet again over the weekend. Two columns of the touchpad for the oven, including the "Start" button, stopped taking any input, rendering the oven completely useless. (Only the 1, 4, 7, and Cancel buttons work). The rough estimate from Sears service was $261.99 for a new control module and $275.99 for a new touchpad (!) and $120-180 for the service tech labor.

A quick check on-line showed that I am not alone with this problem. Check out this thread on was the 3rd problem we have had with the stove. The first was a defective drawer and the second was the oven thermostat, both fixed on the Sears service contract. Needless to say my opinion of Frigidaire and Kenmore products are pretty bad, not to mention the prohibitive parts prices. Our last stove, a Hotpoint (made by Camco in Montreal), never had any problems for about 18 years....

So we are shopping for a new range. As I am baking a lot of bread, oven size and convection quality are really important. From what I dug up on the 'net, GE, LG and Samsung seem to get high ratings for performance and reliability. I don't really like the all-electronic controls of the LG, so I'm leaning towards the Samsung FTQ386LWX.

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