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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Samsung DMR77 (DMR77LHS) Dishwasher review

Yes, we have been gambling on Samsung. But the apparent value of their appliances, combined with an impressive commitment to sales knowledge and service (at least in the Montreal area) have made the offer quite compelling. We felt that this machine was similar in quality to the best, (which in my opinion is Miele) that cost $1000 more, but actually had better performance features.

We are also aware of the mistakes that Samsung made with their first generation of dishwashers, manufactured by Maytag (Whirlpool) and the number of people who were disappointed in the reliability of these machines. Because we hesitated before buying the relatively unknown (to north America) Blomberg due mainly to a lack of information, I can certainly see how difficult it must be to come into a very competitive market where a psychological price barrier and consumer knowledgability might mean a compromise.

To start off, the DMR77 is not built by Maytag. Our unit was built in China, and I speculate that it is most likely built by Haier to Samsung specs and with Samsung electronics. Haier is considered a low-end price point brand here in Montreal, but they do manufacture "higher end" dishwashers in this price range, and available elsewhere. This is not a judgment on the quality of Haier, but it is hard to believe that a dishwasher that costs only $250 brand new can be any good (but it might be).

The apparent build quality of this dishwasher is impressive. First of all, there are no stray bits hanging off the sides, back or bottom of the machine, as plastic shrouds cover virtually everything underneath a very thin sound deadening layer. Connections for the inlet hose and drain are overbuilt. The tub is of very high quality stainless, and it appears that considerable effort has been made to maximize interior space. The door is of very heavy and rigid construction and closes like a german car door, which gives an impression of solidity and precision.

From a design perspective, the machine looks like a hybrid between a european and north American dishwasher. For example, this machine uses condenser drying, but also has a food grinder and an adjustable two-tier top rack very similar in design to a Maytag. The trade-off by having a grinder is that the machine is a bit louder (3 db more than the quietest Bosch or Asko).

I prefer this design to the Asko, which has a fixed stainless tube that routes water to the top rack, effectively making it non-adjustable not to mention a (slight) loss of interior space.

Installation, as with most dishwashers was fairly easy. However this machine is really at the limit for size, and I ended up having to drill new holes for water and drain in order to get the machine to fit properly under the counter. After the first trial installation, and finding it not that much quieter than the outgoing Kenmore, I decided it was probably a good idea to replace the previous plastic inlet hose with a new braided stainless one and also to cover up a few gaps with weatherstrip and add some sound deadening on the hard ceramic floor.

Once installed (the 3rd time) and properly leveled, we can safely say that the machine is pretty damn quiet! The machine is rated at 49 dB, which as I mentioned is not the quietest, and subjectively it does not appear to be that much quieter than our old Kenmore when next to the machine while it is running. However when out of the kitchen, it is not possible to tell it is running at all. With the Kenmore we would often find ourselves turning up the television in the living room, even though subjectively it seemed quiet. Having said that, if you must have the quietest machine, you might want one without a grinder as this seems to be source of a lot of noise.

We are still not completely used to loading the machine, but are quite impressed at its capacity. We use a 12 place setting service for everyday use, and run out of dishes before the machine is full. This means that there is plenty of room for coffee cups, assorted plastic containers and other cooking utensils. Samsung also thoughtully provides adjustability for most of the rack tines, and it is even possible to remove completely the two lower rack inserts. There are also a myriad of little clips to hold things down like spatulas and other items that might blow around during a wash cycle. To give an idea of the size of the tub, a 16 quart stock pot fits easily on the lower rack without interfering with the sprayer (with the upper rack in the high position). For this we give the versatility of the machine high marks.

Running the machine is very straightforward. As with our range, the dishwasher uses a "hidden" flat static touch panel, and there are no protruding buttons or mechanical switches. The lack of tactile feedback is compensated by musical beeps whenever a function is selected.

It has taken a bit of time to figure out optimal cycles to use. This machine has 6 cycles (Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Rinse, Quick and Smart Auto) with 3 options (Sanitize, Half Load and Delay Start). With our old Kenmore we found that the Quick or Econo cycle worked fine when we rinsed the dishes and it was relatively quick at 38 minutes, but Quick on the Samsung takes 1 hour, and the dishes came out wet! A look in the manual explained that the Quick cycle was the same as the normal but skips the dry cycle. Half load is limited to the upper rack, but it is not obvious how to arrange both plates, glasses cups and cutlery on the upper rack. We were also amazed at punching in Smart Auto and seeing 3 hours (!) showing up on the display! (This is a maximum, fortunately). For now Smart Auto, with its soil sensor, appears to work.

Because we are trying to save water, we are trying to break old habits and not rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I will now use the 10 minute rinse cycle after meals as it should take less water. However the dishwasher does tend to get smelly after leaving dirty dishes for more than a couple of days, so we may have to rethink the half load strategy and use the machine more frequently. This may not be a problem so much during the winter months.

This machine would have been disappointing if it didn't get the dishes clean, and it does an admirable job. We found that we do have to be careful about placement to make sure that surfaces come into contact with the spray arms as some residue can remain if we place things on top of the upper rack shelves. We have even tried lasagna baked on pyrex using the heavy cycle on the lower rack, and it removed everything. It is even good enough to get rid of stuck on bread dough from my Bosch mixer bowl, which I no longer have to hand wash. The glass test came out perfect, with no spots, film or apparent etching (using a rinse aid is essential).

What is really impressive about this machine is that it uses virtually NO soap. The manual says to use 15 gr (a tablespoon!) for a normal or smart wash, and an extra 10 gr (2 tsp) for the prewash in the heavy cycle. Because we calculated total cost of ownership, the soap cost more than offset the cost of additional water and slightly more electrictiy that this machine uses (when compared to a higher-end Bosch or Asko). This is no small consideration if you have hard or moderately hard water like we do. What I found interesting is the machine cleans without ANY soap...I found this out when a cutting board blocked the soap door from opening! I suspect that using soap is not really for its detergent properties but for sanitization. Yes the machine cleans that well.

Drying performance is good, but not as good as a heat and fan assisted machine and it does take longer. However this is the price of energy efficiency, eh? I think fan assist on this machine is a fair compromise to machines that don't have them (e.g. most European machines).

  • Large capacity
  • Uses extremely little soap
  • Effective grinder/filtration (no filter to clean)
  • Versatile loading
  • Build quality
  • Dual displays
  • Effective soil sensor (Smart Auto)
  • Might be difficult to install in tight spaces
  • Quick cycle dishes come out wet (useless)
  • No indicator light for end of cycle ("End" warning turns off after 5 minutes)
  • Not the quietest, nor the most efficient (but a realistic compromise)
Samsung offers a compelling dishwasher on its second try, and it would appear to be the best of both worlds. What remains now is to see if the machine is reliable or durable, as there is no data for this model. We did take a 5 year service contract, which I believe would be prudent if you consider buying this machine.


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jhogarth said...

what did you use for sound deadening on the ceramic floor under the dishwasher?

Random Royalty said...

I put a fiberglass batt in a green garbage bag. The trick is to remove most of the air, then seal the bag closed with packing tape.

This is similar to the sound deadening blanket used on Whirlpool dishwashers, and where I got the idea.

Unknown said...

I would like to know if you are still happy with the Samsung Dishwasher since your review in July.
Any comments since the install?

Random Royalty said...

We are still happy with the dishwasher. There are a few things, however.

This dishwasher, like many european designs, really can pack in a lot of dishes. Separating tines for plates are really close together, and sometimes getting everything to fit can be a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. If you are used to a more "open" design, this could be a bit frustrating.

It took a while to get used to long wash cycles (sometimes 3 hours).

For the most part, it is not necessary to rinse dishes, but we were beginning to get bits of crud left on plates and glasses. It is imperative to keep the rinse aid dispenser full, and that the volume setting is optimized.

Make sure everything comes into contact with a spray arm! There are two little "shelves" on the upper rack, and when we put cappucino cups on them, they don't get fully clean.

Be careful about cutlery impeding the rotation of the middle spray arm, especially when the upper rack is in the lower position. Things like knives can stop the spray arm, and this can impede wash performance. I always check that the spray arms can rotate freely before closing the door.

Having said that, we are managing to put things in the dishwasher that we never would have put in the old Kenmore, like my Bosch Universal mixer bowl, cookie sheets and a 12 quart stock pot. Even my tall blender jar can fit on the upper rack in the lower position. Wash performance is generally excellent, with only a few things not getting perfectly clean (like baked lasagna on a Corningware casserole).

Absolutely no reliability problems to report to date. Along with the Samsung washer/dryer, we have seen a significant drop in our energy/water consumption (roughly $25-30 per month, with relatively cheap electricity rates here in Quebec).

Unknown said...

Thanks for the quick reply!
I have a 22 year old Whirlpool still running pretty good... but who knows for how long!
Right now there are sales here in Florida (Lowes has it for $763 with Free installation,- down from MSRP: $998 + 119 Installation)... so I thought may be I should get it now, before my old dishwasher fails.
Thanks again for the comments!

Random Royalty said...

If you have a 22 year old machine, it most likely uses 4 to 6 times as much energy, as well as lot more water and soap. If you run your dishwasher 4-5 times a week you will see a significant reduction in your energy and water bill, that could run up to $20 per month (I calculated around $10 in our case). Your new dishwasher would pay for itself in 3-4 years in energy savings alone. And the Samsung is not the most energy or water efficient.

For me it still comes down to price. Since prices are dropping on everything you might find something cheaper in a Bosch or Whirlpool that is comparable (they still make really good dishwashers, esp. KitchenAid).

Dollar for dollar, I'd still go for the Samsung, but would not hesitate to go with a KitchenAid if it was significantly cheaper. In Montreal the Samsung has not dropped in price much, but we've seen great deals on Whirlpool and KitchenAid.

jaller888 said...

We have had our unit for about 6 months now. generally very happy but i just noticed that bits of plastic have been flying off the interior. The culprit is the top basket holder bracket. its grey plastic and has 6 "tabs" that help hold the basket in place. One side has 4 tabs broken and the other has 2. I will be calling samsung service and let you know what happens.

wldtrav said...


Not sure it is appropriate to post in this section, since my Samsung is the lower priced DMR57, which I purchased less than a year ago at Lowes here in New york. Anyway, it stopped working a few weeks ago, and the panel problem code suggested there was a drainage problem (though the hose was not leaking).

Anyway, the service people came out and said it was either the pump or the circuit board malfunctioning.

After waiting, I received a call from Samsung (in NJ), telling me the parts are on back-order, with no known date for arrival. This was pretty shocking, since this is a new model. When I told them this, they said not to worry, they are contacting Lowe's, and that I will receive a new washer at no cost...and more surprisingly, I can chose another brand if I don't want another Samsung ! That's a first for sure, and I've been around a long time.

Does this make sense to you? Not to me, unless they've had so many problems with this model that their vendors are up in arms...and don't even get me started on trying to get through to someone in charge of Customer Service at Samsung's HQ in NJ.

The comments about the ease of accidentally starting the dishwasher by brushing against the front panel buttons are true. Its almost a joke around our house.

Random Royalty said...


With our last machine (Kenmore-Whirlpool) we had this problem after about 4 years. We were told that the type and amount of soap as well as water quality (hardness) can eat away at plastic parts.

If you know your water is hard and you have to use a lot of soap or use liquid soap, this might be the culprit.

You can find out your water hardness from your municipality (if you are supplied) or can get a simple well water test done (often at your neighborhood pharmacy). If your water is hard, you can use a water softener salt and always use powdered dishwasher detergent.


I don't have any experience with the DMR57 as it is not the same machine at all as the DMR77.

I think the issue is that Samsung sources their manufacturing (just like everyone else these days) so reliability and durability can vary from model to model as they are not necessarily made by the same company. The DMR77 is made in China (most likely by Haier) and older Samsungs that were notoriously bad were made by Maytag in north America.

Unfortunately bad experiences like yours can cheapen the value of a brand.

Please let us know your ongoing experience. We don't have Leows yet in Quebec, but I am very impressed with your experience with them.

zimtekcom said...

Caution: there is a BASKET ADJUSTER on each side of the upper rack which are badly designed and will fail... held in place by 6 plastic tabs, the lower 2 tabs will fail with standard loading and your upper rack will loosen up and fall. These adjusters can be held in place with nylon Zip-Ties (as mine are), but they makes adjusting the rack difficult. these adjusters are $13 each and should be covered by warranty, but are nationally back ordered. I'm trying to get some replacements now.

Something else to consider is the placement of the detergent dispenser. you can not place a tall item in the left front of the lower rack or it will block the dispenser door from opening. When I load dishwasher in a way that will block this door, the resolve is to simply dump the detergent into the bottom of the dishwasher. I've started using detergent tablets and I'm having better luck when the detergent door is blocked.

Note: I've had this installed for about 6 months and it runs at least once each day, using sterilize (high heat) option.

Further note: a friend recently bought the Electrolux equivalent dishwasher which is notably quieter, and appears to be engineered better, (if you can stand the gold handle ends, I'm recommending it over the Samsung).

Random Royalty said...


You make some very good points, especially tall items that tend to block the detergent dispenser. This is a typical problem with many dishwashers (Kenmore/ Whirlpool, for example). For us it has happened more than once that a pan or cutting board blocked the door and cleaning was affected.

It is important to check before closing the door that nothing blocks the doors as well as checking that tall items on the racks don't block the upper spray arms.

I would discourage putting all of the detergent in the bottom of the dishwasher. All of the soap will be used in the pre-rinse cycle (or cycles, check the manual) and this will affect cleaning performance. The detergent door is timed for the wash cycle which could be the 2nd or 3rd water change.

I did point out in my review that the Samsung DMR77 is not the quietest dishwasher. European dishwashers (Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Blomberg, Asko) typically lack a grinder (and a drying fan) which has a direct impact on noise levels. For us having a north American style food grinder was an important consideration for us.

As far as the rack adjusters, I have yet to see a dishwasher with an adjustable top rack that has survived more than a couple of years. Our DMR77 is still less than a year old and we have not experienced any problems with the interior parts (keeping our fingers crossed!)

Unknown said...

After 3 months... I am having second thoughts about buying this product.
I am resigned to using the light quick wash with sanitize ( otherwise dishes stay wet and with spots when dried.)
In order to use the quick wash I also have to wash the dishes by hand first!
I also bought a Samsung French door Refrigerator (unfortunately)... it makes all kind of crackling sounds... and Samsung says that is normal!
Never again another SAMSUNG of any kind!!!

Random Royalty said...


I agree that some of the cycles on the DMR77 are pretty useless, especially Quick Wash, which does not have a dry cycle.

We have found that the Smart Auto cycle gives the best results.

jaller888 and zimtekcom:

Two of the clips holding the upper rack adjusters on our machine snapped off on the left side just last week. We will get this fixed under the free annual inspection by Sears. Lets hope they have the parts in stock! So far I used a ziptie as you suggested.

Rick said...

Just a bit of info.
I purchased my DMR77lhs from Lows in Ca. in April 2008. As others have posted some plastic parts have chipped off and ended up in my garbage disposal. Well, since if was getting close to the end of the warrantee, we called to have it looked at. Well they have just told me that they are going to replace the entire machine. I have just started this process so I will believe it when I see it. However, it appears others have had the same resolution.

wldtrav said...

I generally dont post on products, because without statistics its difficult to rely upon comments from customers who are dissatisfied with a particular line.

However, in this case, I want to relate my experiences with both the Samsung 57 and the 77.

I bought a model 57 in spring 2008 and it failed around Christmas 2008. I wont relate the problems, because the bottom line was that Samsung called me and said they had no idea when replacement parts (pump and/or LCD control panel) would be available.

They told me to go back to Lowe's here in NYC, and basically pick any D/W (any manufacturer) I wanted.

So I picked the Samsung 77 which is about $200 more.

After waiting a few weeks to get delivery scheduled, Lowes called and said Samsung could not give any dates for a model 77 replacement.

So now theyre giving me a Bosch (I chose it, I could have anything I wanted).

I may be misreading this, but its the first time any one (let alone two large firms, including the manufacturer and the retailer) have gladly referred me to their competitors.

Caveat Emptor

Random Royalty said...

Rick and Robert:

I can only speculate that there must be a supply issue with the OEM in China that manufactured these dishwashers.

As we come up to our anniversary date, I will post the results of our pending service call with Sears.

I am curious if this is more a testament to Leow's excellent service or Samsung's. We don't have Leow's here in Quebec (yet) but I've heard many good things about this retailer.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Every time I visit Lowe's, I stop by a section where they have the returns on display for Sale... and I always find 2-3 Samsung77(out of a total of Returned 3-4 Dishwashers as well as Samsung Front loaders Washers... the sheer numbers speaks louder than any review)
It goes to show that these Samsungs are way below average.
I wish I have done the same within a month of purchase ; with no questions asked... Now I have to wait for my unit to fail and hopefully have it replaced with a reliable brand!

Unknown said...

Hello all
We bought the DMR77LHS 4 months ago.
Ive been noticing water on the sides(all 3 sides)and bottom of the tub, at the end of the cycle.
I start the machine in the night,open it in the morning, after about 9 to 10 hours.
Film of water in the bottom and water droplets on the sides( like condensation)
The dishes are dry . It is the water in the tub that's bothering me. Ihad Bosch and neff dishwashers before.I never had water in the tub especially when I open it after that long hours( say 9 hours after starting the cycle)
Service team from samsung took apart the machine( it worries me)and they say the connections are all set right.
Samsung team-customer service re not that helpful in explaining why this happens.
Service team says they had never come across this type of complaint and they say may be the heating element is in the door panel (like a tube running from above the tablet holder) to the bottom of the door)and not efficient to dry the tub.
I also use the tablet (3 in 1) . Hope it is alright to use it .
I appreciate all your help.

Random Royalty said...


While I am not a technician nor a spokesperson for Samsung I can offer the following suggestions:

1. Check that the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed.

2. Make sure that your sink drain (where the dishwasher drain dumps) is not sluggish and flowing freely.

3. There is a very brief pump action at the end of the drying cycle (only a few seconds). It is meant to clear the condensed water that accumulates on the bottom of the dishwasher. You should make sure that this is working.

I hope you will repost and let everyone know how you finally resolved your issue.

LifeHasChoices said...

I just had the 77 installed today. Now I am feeling regret after finding your post. I found it because after running my first load on normal, the plastics on top rack were still we and there was some water on walls inside. I find machine VERY quiet compared to our previous 6-year-old GE model. I upgraded because I wanted stainless and I wanted to have a quiet, worry-free machine since we run almost every day. Hope I didn't make a mistake. Also bought from Lowe's.

LifeHasChoices said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Random Royalty said...


Since you are coming from an older machine, you may want to give any newer design a bit longer to adjust. We have pretty much reached the limit of performance on new dishwasher designs and there is a price to pay for increased capacity and energy/water efficiency.

To make sure your dishes come out dry, you might have to experiment with your rinse aid setting (don't even think about using those 3 in 1 tabs). Make sure you are using powder and not liquid detergent (yes it makes a difference).

Keep in mind the 1/2 load and quick modes do not have a dry cycle. Make sure you use the Normal, Heavy or Smart Auto modes. Usually waiting at least 1/2 hour before opening the door also helps.

Regardless, most poly-plastic items will come out wet, as they do not retain heat long enough to promote effective evaporation.

Given Lowe's excellent customer service, you should be able to return the unit if you aren't satisfied.

LifeHasChoices said...

I have done two more loads and once used auto setting with sanitize and once normal with sanitize. Both times I still have wet plastics and wet sides of inside of tub. I use rinse aid set on 2 and also used a liquid with rinse aid included. What is the reason to use powder? In my old GE, everything was always dry with the exception of those things with a dip or area that could catch excessive water. Any suggested machines if I do replace? I was looking at this one and a Kitchenaide in the store.

LifeHasChoices said...

I know I'm being obsessive about this, but I want to know that I am happy with this 77 right away so I can return if I need to. I just did another load with POWDER detergent and upped the rinse aid output setting to 3. Still very wet plastics. Very wet. Not just a drop or two. It doesn't seem to be as hot inside as my old GE, which I'm sure is more efficient. I'm not sure I can make the sacrifice. I cook a lot and like to have dishes done and put away right away. What do I need to look for in another dishwasher to help ensure that the dishes are dry? Thank you.

Random Royalty said...


Like I said previously, plastics will always come out wet in condenser type (European) style dishwashers. Bosch, Asko, Miele, Blomberg machines utilize condenser drying so you will have the same problem.

If having plastic items coming out dry is more important to you, (we just wipe them off, its cheaper), consider getting a late model higher-end GE, Whirpool or KitchenAid (my top pick) with forced-air drying. Keep in mind an American style dishwasher will not be as energy or water efficient as a European design.

Unknown said...

Random Royalty
Thanks for the reply.
The first two suggestions in your reply has been checked over and over by the installer aswellas the service tech from samsung.
I do not have any problem with the hose.
When samsung service men dismantled the parts I am sure they are aware of the fact about the drying pump action .
They did not mention anything about it.
It will be of great help if the users here could let me know
if there are no problem with hose,is it normal to have the condensed water in the bottom and the sides of the tub.
I was told by the service people that it is normal because that is the price you pay for buying energy efficient appliance. I am not fully satisfied with the answer.
So I'll be able to contact samsung again if you could let me know whether your dishwasher has condensed water on the sides and a film of water at the bottom of the tub ,when you open it after 9 to 10 hours. I use auto ,sanitize cycles more often.

Random Royalty said...


We do get a lot of steam if we open the door immediately after the complete cycle has finished. If we open the door a few hours later, there is no steam but some condensation immediately appears on the sides and bottom as a thin film. This usually evaporates immediately. After 8 hours or so, there does seem to be less condensation. This has never been a concern as some residual condensation is expected for this type of machine.

I would be concerned that the rinse water is not hot enough or the sides/bottom not cool enough for condensation to form. If you are in an environment that is naturally humid this could affect performance.

I suggest that you find someone in your area that has a Bosch or Asko (condenser drying) and compare notes.

Rick said...

Update on my DMR77. Only problem was plastic parts from the rack ended up in the disposal.
SamSung authorized the new unit. Lowe's set up a delivery with a third party delivery service.
All went well, except i had to pull out the old one and install the new one. I thought i should not have to have any expense for a defective product, but Lowe's and Samsung would not budge. No big deal, but really i should not have had to do the work.

Random Royalty said...


My own feeling is count your blessings. However it might be worth it to read the fine print of your warranty, especially if you bought an extended service contract from Lowe's.

jhogarth said...

I have had the Samsung DMR77 for about 6 months now .Bowls placed on the top rack on the right side at the back do not get clean .The top rack spacing is too tight and yesterday found the upper rack adjustment bracket with a broken attachment tab .I also have drying issues.I bought this machine because it is quiet and energy efficient ,but can not recommend it .

DoulaLauraC said...

Can anyone tell me if this model being reviewed (DMR77LHS) is the same basic model as the DMR78AHS? I just bought the latter and am waiting for it to be delivered. Thanks!

Random Royalty said...

@laura C:

From what I can tell by comparing the manuals, the DMR78 has an extra dry cycle when you use the sanitize option, and a few programs seem to have slightly shorter minimums.

I hope they improved the top rack adjusting clips, but judging by the illustrations they look identical. (At least there is a 5 year warranty on the racks and interior nylon parts)

Unknown said...

After 6 months of using this unworthy dishwasher, i came to the conclusion that it is a piece of JUNK. No if or buts!
Some of my search confirmed what I long suspected: That this crappy thing is made by Maytag.

I will forever stay away from all Samsung products.

Random Royalty said...


First of all, you linked to an applianceguru post that is 4 years old! Yes, the original Samsung dishwashers were made by Maytag, and they were notoriously bad.

As I stated in my review, the DMR77 is made in China (most likely made by Haier), and to my knowledge Whirlpool/Maytag do not have manufacturing nor import machines from Asia.

I understand you may be unhappy with your dishwasher, but if you are going to get any kind of satisfaction from Samsung or the dealer where you bought your machine, you are definitely not going about it the right way.

Unknown said...

I am not expecting to get any satisfaction from dealer/samsung ... but to warn others about this crappy appliance!
I will probably put up with it for 5years; the time my extended warranty runs out... and hope it will cost them in repairs more than what i originally paid for!... and that would be enough of a satisfaction!

Random Royalty said...


Honestly, you sound like the spoiled child that wasn't happy with his Christmas present and tries to punish his parents by holding his breath.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the machine, you need to communicate to Samsung (and the dealer) that you might have a lemon.

This is based on the fact that there are no discussions of serious design flaws (aside from the plastic rack clips, which is a minor flaw in my opinion) anywhere on the major appliance blogs. In other words, out of the 1000s of these dishwashers sold, the vast majority of people are satisfied.

Of course these machines are too new to arrive at a long-term reliability and durability opinion, and who knows in 2 or 3 years, some hidden defects or flaws may surface. This is always the risk one takes with any consumer product. We just hope that if it happens, Samsung will do the right thing and fix it.

jaller888 said...

Update since last post. Took about 6 weeks to get parts from Samsung :( Uggh! The new basket adjusters arrived, and found something odd. One of the adjusters had noticably thicker plastic on the tabs than the other! Perhaps this is why some fail and some don't. I will be calling Samsung to make them aware of the issue and perhaps get another adjuster of equal quality to the thicker-tabbed one.

BTW we are starting to get an intermittent code "9E" so we are going to get service in for that as well.

Really regretting not getting the Bosch now :(

Random Royalty said...


Thanks for that update. We are coming around 1 year and due for our annual free service from Sears. When the tech comes we will mention the rack adjuster. I also received a 9E error code once, but after opening and closing the door it cleared and has not recurred.

Since the Bosch (and Kitchen Aid) machines have come down in price I question if these machines are not a better option, however I find the recent Bosch recall a bit disconcerting. I don't think Bosch machines are as good as they used to be, especially on the low end. Kitchen Aid machines appear to be overbuilt but not necessarily robust, however their service is legendary.

I'd appreciate it if you would post the results of your intermittent 9E error code...good luck with that!

jaller888 said...

@Random Royalty:

So far the 9E code appeared twice but not again for a week or so. I will keep you posted with any updates.

Also, thanks very much for starting this thread and your posts, it has been a great source of information!


PETER said...

Just bought the DMR 78 and put it in tonight. I read everones comments here and still like my purchase. It seems to be very quite. I have a newer home with wood laminate floors. The new home came with a Frigidaire dishwasher. We went thru 3 of them in the past 4 years...of course now the warranty is up so its out of my pocket. I said before we bought the Samsung 78 model from Lowes(had a 20% off weekend so I got it around $700) and hope this one will be part of the family for a while. Installation was not bad. Tell me why you think we should run the dry verses the liquid? Any other good tips?

Random Royalty said...


Thanks for your post, you are the first person to report on the updated DMR78.

As far as detergent goes, liquids tend to gum things up over time and can cause premature failure of the soil sensors (among other things).

Powder is also more economical, and easier to measure.

Anonymous said...

I have DMR57 since March 2008. BTW, I looked at it side-by-side with DMR77, and it was almost identical. There is also a label “made in China” on it, so it is probably not the old Maytag-made one. I had two warranty repairs last year - the main electronic board had to be changed twice, because the machine was turning on by itself with the screen displaying some crazy codes, not mentioned in the manual. That wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, but now I have a new problem: approximately once a week, the dishwasher turns off displaying “LE” fault code (leak) and in a couple days goes back on. I took it out and found no trace of any leak under it, so I assume this is another electronic glitch. Samsung gladly informed me that my warranty has elapsed and they don’t want to know anything about me or my dishwasher.
If anybody has similar experience and/or hint what to do, it’ll be greatly appreciated. And my advice to everybody – stay away from Samsung. To be fair, I have to add that it would be a fine dishwasher if it worked – roomy and quiet.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm glad to see that this thread is still alive. I first read it in January 09 when we were shopping for a dishwasher. Choosing the Samsung was pretty much a no-brainer because we had already bought Smasung's matching top of the line refrigerator, convection oven and microwave. We've lived with the DMR77 for several months now and it has truly been a love-hate relationship.

Things we like: absolutely beautiful stainless steel finish (nicer than any other SS appliances we looked at); stylish dual LED displays; outstanding programability; energy saving design; dead silent operation; matches our other Samsung appliances perfectly.

Things we hate: Dish rack tines are spaced too closely together to fit most normal sized dishes. We usually have to stack dinner plates in every other space, all facing the same direction,to get them to fit. Coffee cups barely fit the spaces in the upper rack. Also, the dishwash is very deep and we have to practically crawl inside to load the rearmost area with dishes and silverware.

Other nits: The dishwasher is supposed to dry using heat reflected from the stainless side walls instead of using a heat cycle. Great idea, lousy execution. Our cups and dishes are always wet when we unload the dishwasher in the morning. And seeing the dishwasher run up to 3-plus hours is ridiculous. I don't care how energy efficient it's supposed to be, that's a long time to be running a major appliance.

My biggest complaint is the dishwasher starts to smell bad inside after just a few hours even though we completely rinse our dishes and cups. We're talking lightly soiled coffee cups and sandwich plates, not crudded up pans and dishes. We used to leave these same dishes in our old washer up to a week with no odor but the Samsung usually smells bad after just one day. Running the 11 minute quick rinse usually dispells the smell but is a waste of electricity. We live in Arizona where we routinely experience triple digit temps and the dishwasher is on a wall that gets a lot of sun so that could be one possible source of the odor. (Or old machine was black, not stainless, so I'm guessing the reflective wall design is contributing to the problem.) It's not a horrible foul type of smell, just a light but disagreeable odor of dirty dishes, but it is very disappointing to have to deal with this in a $1,000 machine. (I plan to install a sun block behind the machine and will follow up if it makes a difference).

The DMR77, like our Samsung Quatro refrigerator, has some odd and even infuriating quirks, but we're basically willing to overlook them because the applicances look like a millon bucks and never fail to elicit compliments from visiting guests. Beautiful, beautiful stuff but just be prepared to suffer for your art.

Random Royalty said...

@sam sungfan:

Thank you for your lengthy comment, I'm sure the readers of the blog will appreciate it. I do have a few comments and suggestions, however.

1. Dish rack tines and usability

I agree that tines are really close. This is a feature of "european" designs like the Asko or Blomberg (and a common complaint about them). Generally I think this is for capacity bragging rights (14 place settings!!).

The trick is to mesh your plates. At the back of the lower rack you place dinnerplates in one direction, and bread plates in the other. They will "mesh" together and support each other.

I really don't have problems with cups, the top rack has enough variations for 4 different size cups and the deeper section can even hold my blender jar standing up without hitting the top!

Also the racks pull out fully, with the bottom rack coming completely out onto the door when it is open. There should be no problem at all accessing the "deeper" recesses.

2. Wet dishes

I am surprised that in relatively dry Arizona you are getting wet dishes. In relatively humid Montreal, everything except plastic comes out bone dry.

Maybe the dishwasher is not draining properly and leaving enough water in the bottom to affect evaporation.

3. Odor

This is definitely coming from wetness, not so much heat. The easiest way to get rid of odor is to run a cup of vinegar in an empty machine. Also wipe down the seals (and where the seals contact on the door and frame edges) with a rag soaked in vinegar.

Maybe change detergent, or run a "sanitize" cycle to see if it makes a difference.

4. The 10 minute rinse cycle is definitely more water and energy efficient than pre-rinsing your dishes in the sink before putting them in the machine!

Anonymous said...

Random Royalty,

Thanks for your reply. Just a couple of follow-up comments… True, the DMR77 can accommodate a huge amount of dishes. Personally, I would trade a bit of capacity for more flexible loading. Yes, we have learned how to place dishes in the Samsung without having them flop around, but come on… loading a dishwasher shouldn’t be rocket science! This has been a major source of frustration since the day we got this machine.

In fairness I must mention that the dishwasher is located right where our kitchen counter makes a 90 degree bend… so we can only load the machine from the left hand side. This means we have to do some stretching to fill the far right rack slots and silverware holder. But I still think the closely spaced rack and shape of the tines is a poor design.

Wet dishes… to clarify, most dishes and silverware come out dry. But we always have to dry the bottoms of coffee cups or any other concave surface that can retain water. Our old machine had a drying cycle that reduced or eliminated the need to hand dry.

About the ongoing minor odor problem… I’ll try your suggestions and report what happens.

As you read these comments keep in mind that we are VERY fussy consumers with high expectations. The DMR77 has proved to be a reliable and high performance dishwashing machine, but it does have design quirks that will delight some and infuriate others depending on your needs and expectations. For me it has been a love/hate relationship, but it looks so good with our other Samsung appliances (which are GREAT) that I’m willing to overlook any shortcomings.

calebu2 said...

We bought a DMR78 and had it installed just before the July 4th holiday. On Friday we are getting a replacement model from the store because steam got into the control panel (you can see fog on the LCD) and started to fry the circuits - we got the error code bE2.

The irony is that we went with the Samsung because our frigidaire suffered the same fate. We chose a condensing dishwasher so that we would have one that wouldn't try to vent through inadequate holes in the door.

I am trying to figure out if this is bad luck (two dishwashers, same fate), user error (I hope not - we were told by the installer/plumber to use jetdry to break the surface tension and assist with the condensing process) or installer error (Not enough space around the unit to allow for what little venting it does need or bad plumbing?)

Other than the fact that it died on us within a month, we love the machine. Hopefully this is a one off and the next machine lasts a long time!

Random Royalty said...

Thanks for your comments! I have only heard about one other logic control issue (follow the link to to read about it). However it does not seem to be the same issue that you are having.

I have also had very bad experiences with Frigidaire-made Kenmore appliances, and have totally written them off. Even IKEA dropped Electrolux from their appliance offerings (the parent company is also Swedish) in favour of Whirlpool (with the exception of Maytag and Kitchen Aid, still manufactures reasonably priced and good performing appliances).

Good luck with your repair and please post when you have news!

calebu2 said...

Installation got delayed until Monday. The dishwasher dried out and did start working again, but given the way the frigidaire died (and the 1.5 months it took to get a replacement installed) I am not going to risk it. The fact that I still have a 45 day store replacement policy on the dishwasher is sweet - much easier than going through the manufacturer.

Over the past week I have been watching how the dishwasher works.

When the drying cycle is finished, there is an insane amount of heat/steam built up in the dishwasher. Because we have a toddler, we tend to leave the door closed (or run the dishwasher overnight). Ideally, the steam would not manage to escape, would condense on the steel sides and drain into the bottom of the dishwasher. In my case it seems to have found its way into the electrical circuits in the door.

So I am on a quest to figure out:
1) Should I be manually venting my dishwasher at the end of a cycle
2) Is it not condensing/draining properly
3) Is the seal on the electrical working properly

Thankfully I have the same plumber installing this one as last time, so I am going to quiz him about it.

Random Royalty said...


First, the "insane" amount of heat and steam as well as the condensation on the sides and bottom is normal. This is how a "condensing" type dishwashers work (e.g. Bosch, Asko, Blomberg, Miele). For those of us who are used to heat/fan assisted drying, this can seem really odd, but it is definitely more energy efficient.

Water getting into the electrical circuits in the door is by all accounts a defect (and the first I have read about for this machine), so you are wise to take advantage of your store replacement policy.

Please let me know if you decide to replace with the same model or go with something else.

Unknown said...

I would NOT recommend this dishwasher. As others have posted, my rack adjuster broke while still in warranty. It has been a month, and I have still not received the part. In fact, it was three weeks from the first phone call I made that they bothered to even order the part - and then I was told that it would be at least 14 working days until I received it! This is now 5 weeks without a working dishwasher. Customer service, while polite, has been incredibly unhelpful, with an 'I'm sorry, ma'am, but deal" attitude. I asked how they were going to recompensate me for their failures, and they told me that the best they could do was extend my warranty for 30 days, which is less than my dishwasher has not been working at this point. Found out that the warranty runs from DATE OF MANUFACTURE, not date of purchase, so beware.
All in all, a very expensive dishwasher with shoddy parts and no customer service and no sense of integrity about the warranty. Avoid.

Random Royalty said...


I sympathize with your problem with the rack adjusters. This is a design flaw that everyone who buys this machine will experience. I am still waiting for mine.

However this problem does not prevent you from using your machine, just by employing a simple fix. Use common dollar store zip ties to hold the rack in place. Note that you will not be able to adust the basket...I decided to put mine in the top position.

As far as customer service goes, consider going through the service dept. at the store where you bought your machine. This is true just about any major appliance, where the manufacturers typically delegates all service to the retailer. Samsung is no exception.

As far as your warranty, it is now common practice for many consumer products to limit coverage starting from the manufacturing date when products are not registered or when a sales receipt cannot be produced. This is due to gray market or other unauthorized sales (like eBay or other online discounters).

If you bought your machine from a reputable and authorized dealer you will be covered from the date of purchase, and if you register on Samsung you get a 3 month extension.

At any rate, I would never recommend taking a risk on a machine with a no track record without an extended warranty backed by a strong service organization (such as Sears).

Dano said...

I have read your comments on the Samsung DW
made by Maytag. We have our concerns because our model that we purchased from Leons Kingston, Ont in October 2008 is a model DMR57LFB. However, I notice that on the tag where the model number is listed (inside the DW door) is says made in China. We are now experiencing problems with the control panel. The machine has a terrible musty order as well. I have read about solutions to remedy the smell and tried many, but to no avail. Leon's are now servicing the machine but I would like to be informed as much as possible. We hope
this is not the start of bigger problems. What can you tell me about this model "made in China". Thanks

calebu2 said...


We decided to go with the same model again. We got a decent deal on the machine (Free delivery and installation, twice, and 15% off) so for the price, it's tough to beat even with the issues mentioned in the comments here. A few thoughts:

1) The new dishwasher has a far looser top rack than the first one. I hope this isn't a sign of impending rack adjuster failure. Machine was manufactured 1 month later than the prior one.

2) Thanks for the info on the condensing dishwasher. I have noticed that the replacement seems to be a bit better than the original as far as moisture in the machine.

3) The plumber that installed both Samsungs and the previous Frigidaire was surprised to see us again so soon - he says this is the first replacement he has done of Samsungs and that in this area they are one of the most popular that Best Buy sells.

4) He wondered if the fan on the old unit was broken - even though it is a condensing dishwasher it still has a fan to aid with the evaporation of the water? not sure if that is a correct observation.

5) Our kitchen counter is so beaten up from the steam damage and continual replacement of dishwashers that one of the support screws fell out and went into the drain of the dishwasher. This dishwasher is not at all easy to recover stuff from the drain area!

Random Royalty said...


The DMR 57/77 are not made by Maytag, as you have discovered they are made in China (I have speculated Haier, as this makes the most sense).

I do not have experience with the DMR 57 so I cannot really comment other than it looks like you have some problems that are not normal.

In other dishwashers, a bad smell can come from broken blades on the grinder, which would allow crud to accumulate in the filter area (and causing an odor). Also running a cycle with a half cup of vinegar and wiping down the door seals and frame with vinegar can remove accumulated grime where mildew tends to grow.

Since there may be other issues it would be wise to call in a service technician while the machine is still under warranty.

I have no experience with Leon's service but it would be helpful for readers of this blog if someone (like yourself) could report! Good luck and please follow up!

Random Royalty said...


You can tell by looking at the plastic tabs holding the adjuster to the rack if it is going to fail. You will see stress lines and cracks on the lower two of the six gray tabs securing the aduster to the rack. I do not know, however if the DMR78 actually improved the design.

You can also check that the screws on the adjusters (there should be 2 on the outside) are not loose.

Your plumber may be correct in assuming the assist fan was not working. Might explain the steam in the door electronics (or it might have even caused it).

Good luck with the new machine and please keep us posted!

PETER said...

I posted my first comment on July 4th when we purchased a DMR 78. We have not had any issues so far. My wife seems very pleased with it....esp since it is very quite and that is even on a wood floor. The only thing she is getting used to is the really close tines for the dishes. It is true that you must use the rinse aid and the powder detergent works best. So far very pleased with our choice and NO ISSUES with tabs breaking. Will let you know as time goes on.

Unknown said...

I came across your posts and I can't help but comment - We bought a DMR57 in April, from Lowe's. Took until June to hear from them that it had arrived at the store for us to pick up (note: Found out later that they had been in the store since May). I chose this machine for the cost and what was all included -- the stainless inside, grinder and over all size of the shelves, especially the top shelf. We do a ton of baking and cooking and ran our dishwasher before about 2 times a day.

We were replacing a 7 year old whirlpool, and were surprised when we got home and the samsung didn't fit because there were heating pipes for the house behind the machine... long story short so we built an island (handy husband) with a convenient new spot for the dishwasher.

First time we used it we had the error "HE" Dishes were soaking wet, and water on the bottom of the tub. Did it three times (also shocked about the 3 hour time for a cycle!) and each time there was a lot of water on the bottom of the tub and wet dishes.

Called Samsung and they said within 48 hours the 'national appliance' would be calling me... after 170 hours I CALLED samsung, and they gave me the national appliance number and I called it and they couldn't find my ticket number at first -- then they did find it and told me they had voice mailed me --- LIE I have a house phone, a cell phone and a email listed as contact information. I have caller ID and can tell if someone has called and left a message or not and there was NO record of any unknown numbers calling.... SOOOO they transferred me to tech support.

Tech support department couldn't even find my ticket number (from the first Monday or the second Monday's call) so they gave me a new ticket number... THEN he tells me that he will send me the heater parts and when we get it to call them back and they will have a repair person here to fix it in 24 hours... HMMM I haven't had the part yet (been almost a week now)...

So I went up to Lowe's and gave them some 'feedback'... with in two days the local Lowe's appliance manager called and told me to bring the old one back and they gave us a new one. (but the sales person on the floor said they don't sell that model anymore, but had one in back that had been there since MAY - probably came in with our original dishwasher).

We brought the replacement home and did a test run and we still have 'HE' error --- I'm trying to find on the internet anyone else with this error.... What's the chance we have done something wrong? -- but this time the water is not on the bottom of the tub, but the dishes are soaking wet.....

Random Royalty said...


Wow, what a service nightmare! Despite the problems I have had with Kenmore appliances, I think Sears still has a great service organization. Slow at times with parts, but the techs here are well trained and responsive.

But I continue to be impressed with stories of Lowe's customer service (Lowe's is not in Quebec yet).

On the DMR77, the "HE" error code is a heater malfunction. This would explain why dishes are coming out wet and there was water at the bottom. The condenser drying process needs to heat up the water enough to evaporate where it condenses on the sides and bottom.

Odd that you would get two machines with the same problem.

Did you have the machine professionally installed? Also when you installed the island, did you have a plumber do the pipes and an electrician do the wiring? Intuition tells me maybe something is not right. I would recommend a pro take a look at it.

Unknown said...

The unit was not professionally installed but my husband is good at that stuff (has done kitchen and bathroom work in other houses like plumbing and electrical)... He was wondering the same thing about if it was something he's done, but on the other hand he said how else can it be connected there are only a couple wires and hard to get that wrong. (besides it would be the exact same hook up as the old washer so even if we would have had it in the same place as the old dishwasher the same thing would be happening). And if it was too needing more power than the existing circuit, the breaker would blow and that isn't happening.

At this point I think we are just going to be WAITING for that part to come in and see if a repair man can tell us what is going on --- and then if nothing else -- BACK to the store it goes. Took forever to pick out a dishwasher that was affordable and had all the features I wanted. I might even tell hubby to put the old dishwasher back in!

Note: I ran the washer today with dishes and it is doing the exact same thing as before with a inch or more of water on the bottom of the tub, and soaking wet dishes....

Random Royalty said...


Actually it is possible to get a "couple of wires" very wrong (polarity, sufficient guage and type of wiring and the load on the circuit...also a dishwasher should be isolated on its own circuit). I strongly urge you to get a certified electrician to look at your wiring.

I would refrain from using the dishwasher mainly due to the HE code (heater). There is no way it will get your dishes clean and dry properly.

sticknpuck said...

I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to add to this review. I will be taking delivery this week hopefully (DMR77) and have my fingers crossed that I don't have any problems. I'm not sure I would have gone with this machine after reading all the comments here but my wife wanted it to match the Sammy range despite the so so reviews.

sticknpuck said...

DMR77 Was delivered and installed by myself last night. Took me about 4 hours to remove the old dishwasher and replace all the old plumbing with new bits in order to start fresh and ensure no problems with the new unit. It took me quite a while mostly due to trips to the hardware store and install new fittings. Overall pretty easy. Took my time, making the adjustments for height and level. Had no problems with fitment. Fit perfectly in the existing opening with the feet up about an inch, which made running the water and power very easy - no piching or tight bends. Hooked it all up once in place and had a small leak at the dishwasher water inlet 90* fitting. Had to take it out and added some teflon tape which seamed to help. Ran the rinse cycle to check for leaks and that ran fine with no errors or leaks of any kind. The rinse was nice and quiet but will get a better idea tonight when I can run a full cycle full of dishes.

sticknpuck said...
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sticknpuck said...
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nancymickey said...

Hi there! I just had my Samsung appliances delivered today and now I am starting to worry as I came across this site and started reading the reviews. I live in Toronto, Ontario and actually am already a bit disappointed with the range that does not work and has to be replaced on Tuesday. i never thought after spending $1500+ on a range that it wouldn't even work the first day it was turned on. I bought my appliances from Futureshop which allows me 30 days to see if I like the appliances or I can get a full refund. I bought the DMR77LHS dishwasher but can't install it as it does not fit in my opening which is weird considering i had a Miele installed there previously. Are dishwashers not all pretty standard sizes or are there different sizes of dishwashers? I thought they all need 24" opening well for some reason this one does not fit. Anyways if I find a way to fit it I will leave positive feedback (hopefully) as to how it is working. Does anyone know of a smaller dishwasher just in case I can't fit it so I can check out the dimensions?

Random Royalty said...


Sorry to hear about your range. We are still extremely satisfied with ours. Personally I do not consider Future Shop an option for white goods, mainly due to their bad service reputation. If you bought this on sale last week (the liquidation sale) I would not be surprised if you got a return or a refurb. There was a reason why the range was so cheap.

For your dishwasher, you might have problems installing any tall tub design, as they push dimensions to the limit. There are still lots of standard tub models out there so I would not be too concerned.

It may be worth it to have your dishwasher professionally installed given your kitchen weirdness. My advice would be to return both and buy from a retailer with a better reputation for installation and service.

I am curious, what was wrong with your Miele?

nancymickey said...

Random Royalty:
Thanks for your reply actually I bought the kitchen used but the appliances did not come with it so I had to purchase new appliances so I guess they just kept all the appliances for the new kitchen they installed mind you the kitchen is only 4 years old. Anyways actually we have done some adjusting to the cabinet this morning and it now fits and should be installed by the end of the day the electrician just did his job now I have to wait for the plumber but once I try it I will let you know. As for the price of the range that is what they cost here and I don't think $1500 is cheap even though I know there are much more expensive I had to stick with my budget. Well I will give them another try and if something is wrong with the next one then I will reconsider what I have chosen and where. I know people who have bought things there and have had great service when something broke down I'm hoping I will get the same service as well. By the way is there anyway of knowing if it is refurbished? If I found that it was refurbished then I would not even hesitate to return everything. If it is refurbished or returned would it come in a box? My first range did not come in a box is that a bad sign?

nancymickey said...

Okay this is not good finally I got the dishwasher installed and it was working okay but now it started flashing LE which says it means leakage. WE have checked and nothing is leaking that we can see so now what I can't believe this I am almost ready to bring back all these appliances and forget Samsung all together. Please if someone call help me please comment. Also where should I call Samsung or Future Shop where I bought it.

Random Royalty said...


The leak detection is for the tub (as far as I know).

I still think the Samsung range (FTQ386) is still the best range out there for the money, and on sale this week at Future Shop for $799 (but I believe only if you buy a refrigerator).

The dishwasher is OK but now I think I would have spent a few hundred more and bought a Bosch, even though they don't have food grinders.

I think since the machines are so new I would just get satisfaction from Future Shop (e.g. return the appliances).

nancymickey said...

what other brand would you suggest that isn't crazy expensive just in case I do return them?

nancymickey said...

I was thinking about exchanging for Electrolux appliances if I find a good deal what do you think?

Random Royalty said...

Hard to say for the range, especially if you are looking for a large oven capacity. The LG has the same size oven and it is more expensive, and the range top element controls are digital (which is not to everybody's taste).

GE was my 2nd choice when shopping for a range, but the Profile unit I wanted was about $600 more than the Samsung. I looked at going gas at the time, but a high-end gas range was out of the question (Wolf, Bertazonni, Viking, DCS, etc. were all over $3000).

If I was in the market today I would be very tempted by a Bluestar gas unit (available at some Costco warehouses for around $1900, a bargain for this brand). (check this out

But we don't have gas on our street, so we would have to convert to propane and buy a big 420 lb tank (at least $600 + installation).

Actually when I think about it, even if my Samsung range broke, I would get it fixed (I like it that much).

For dishwashers I can recommend Whirlpool if you don't want to spend more than $500 as they still make decent machines at this price point. You can usually find Bosch on sale (but stay away from anything Bosch under $1000 at the suggested retail price).

I would stay away from Frigidaire, Kenmore (if made by Frigidaire, just ask the sales rep at Sears), Maytag and Kitchen Aid based on personal experience and the latest Consumer Reports appliance ratings.

nancymickey said...

What can I do about the LE code on the dishwasher? Who do I call Samsung or Future Shop? Also do you know about the Samsung French Door Fridge Model # Rf267ABRS I also have this fridge but so far it is the only appliance working hopefully it will stay that way!!

Random Royalty said...


Electrolux owns Frigidaire and I would avoid them too. IKEA dumped Electrolux for a reason, and now carry Whirlpool under the IKEA name exclusively.

Oddly enough Whirlpool owns both Maytag and Kitchen Aid as their "higher end" brands, yet these brands were rated has having the highest repair incidence by Consumer Reports.

nancymickey said...

Well thanks for all your help you have given me something to think about sorry for all the questions but I am so frustrated right now I think I should sleep on it and tomorrow go to future shop and see what they say about this whole thing. One last thing do all dishwashers take so long to wash if not why does this one? Thanks once again!

Random Royalty said...


We just bought a fridge like yours (without the water/ice dispenser) but waiting for the kitchen renovation to be done next month before installing. We basically got an excellent deal and Samsung is very highly rated, so this was a no-brainer.

Finally condenser drying dishwashers have longer cycles.

Good luck getting satisfaction, and please follow up!

nancymickey said...

Thanks again and will give you an update when I go to futureshop tomorrow.

sticknpuck said...

After a week of using the dishwasher installed by myself, we have had no errors or other malfunctions of any kind. The dishwasher cycle is long, but this as has been explained here is a function of any condensing dishwasher. I have no problems with the long cycle time as I turn it on at night when I go to bed. Dishes come out clean without rinsing them first and mostly dry with the exception of the plastics, which was the same as our previuos machine. Very happy so far. We also have the range which we are also very happy with. I followed the break-in procedure and have been using the supplied cerambrite cleaner with good results. So far no scratches and easy cleaning after regular use. The fridge is great as well. Holds temp very well and is fairly quiet. There is a slight audible hum that would satisfy all but the pickiest of users. Considering the price of this fridge, it is a very good buy. It saved us considerable space in our smallish kitchen and looks as well.

Overall at this point we are very happy. Now I wonder if my independant dealer will match Futureshop pricing as the range is now half the price of what i paid.

nancymickey said...

Attention: Sticknpuck

Well I am glad someone is happy with there purchase. Well your right about one thing the fridge is great for the price because most of the other french door fridges are way more. I got the disheasher at half price but i also saved a lot on the fridge because I got the floor model and got the dishwasher for half price because I bought the fridge and stove. i am happy with the price but not happy that my stove and dishwasher don't work. Well I get a new stove tomorrow and I have a technician coming to see the dishwasher on Wednesday so has long as he can fix the problem and teh new stove works then I'll be happier. I like the way they look so much that I really don't want to return them but it all depends on what happens in the next two days with the new stove and what the technician says about the dishwasher. I have asked many places and people and there doesn't seem to be many problems I think I worried more after I started reading the posts on here but i am happy to hear soemthing positive and hopefully some more positive posts are added on here.

Giselle said...

Our 3 month old Samsung DMR788 died 2 weeks ago, and Best Buy is telling us we have to wait one MORE month for the part.

No one at Best Buy or Samsung is taking me seriously that it is unacceptable for a working mom with 3 kids to be without a dishwasher for 45 days--when we paid over $1100 with the service contract.

How can I either get the part in on an expedited basis OR just get part or all of my money back. We want out of this horrible machine.

Thank you for your input.

nancymickey said...

Well got my new range and there was actually something wrong with our electrical panel so the stove wasn't getting enough power so glad to know it had nothing to do with the stove (oops. Dishwasher being fixed tomorrow so I'll give an update on that. One question is my range has the hot light on the surface lit and it won't turn off it has been on for 6 hours now and I only turned it on to see if the burners worked i haven't cooked a meal on ot yet is there something I have to program or something this can't be normal it should turn off when the surface is cold right?

nancymickey said...

Just wanted to give an update on my appliances. Dishwasher has a whole in the tub which was what was causing it to leak so getting an ew one Friday and the dishwasher needs a new heating element and that is what was causing the hot light to stay on so getting another one on Friday as well. If I have any more problems with the appliances I am taking them all back for a full refund and buying something else. I have given them enough chances. Give you one last update on Friday.

sticknpuck said...

Wow, that's too bad about your appliances. I can't beleive how much trouble you've had. I have had mine installed (DMR77, FTQ386 and RB194) for a couple weeks now with great results - no issues whatsoever. In fact my wife was saying how clean and clear the wine glasses come out even without rinsing prior. The range is great and the fridge is perfect so far. I can't beleive how many people claim to be having these major issues. Perhaps it's the big box stores shipping and handling practices? I've got to think that if these things get beat up along the way, they are destined to have some issues.

nancymickey said...

Well thanks for posting I'm glad to hear someone has had good luck with their appliances. My neighbour actually got the same appliances today from the same place and so far so good they are just waiting to use the dishwasher for the first time. Well wish me luck tomorrow with the last and final appliances. if there is something wrong I am returning all of them and I really don't want to do that because I like them so much. Hope more people keep posting on this site as I have found it to be very helpful.

Giselle said...

So, my dishwasher was repaired today by the Samsung team, and it only took a 20 cent fuse. Of course, if it happens again, then I won't be happy, but that was it. I complained loudly to get this second team out. I advise you to complain loudly should you have a problem.

NFer said...

I'm glad I came across this blog. I've been thinking that it is time to replace our 14 yr old Whirlpool dishwasher (never a problem in all 14 yrs!) Since we bought the Samsung 386 range from Sears last month, and since they are offering a $300 discount on the Samsung 77 d/w this month, I thought it would be nice to have matching range and d/w. (Fridge is GE Profile) However after reading everyone's experiences on this site, maybe I'll stick with Whirlpool since our current machine has been so good to us. Does anyone have any experience with model GU3200XTVY, which might be their top of the line?

Unknown said...

I reiterate. Do NOT buy this dishwasher or anything by Samsung. They do not stand behind their products. I have been waiting for over 2 months for a part on my broken dishwasher, and have no assurances that anything will be taken care of. Customer service is uniformly polite but totally ineffective, telling me the same things over and over with no resolution. In the meantime, I've got a $1000 dishwasher held together with twist-ties. It's a great product if nothing goes wrong, but when it does, they have no committment to honor their warranties. I will never buy another Samsung product again.

sticknpuck said...

That's really too bad, After about a month of daily use, I have been super impressed by this machine. I've never had wine glasses come out spotless. Glass seems to dry really nicely without spots or streaks with no prior rinsing.

I'm not sure which tabs you are referrig too that broke, but I don't seem to have a problem with the racks or see how anythign can break without really mistreating it.

OH well, i'll keep my fingers crossed.

Also to note... Fridge and stove are also working great and without issue. I wouldn't hesitate to try Samsung.

Unknown said...

I too, am considering buying a Samsung DMR77LHS dishwasher from Sears for $899 ($300 off at Sears). Sears also has a Kenmore Elite 77973 model on sale for $879 ($220 off). I am wondering which would we be better off with. We want stainless steel tub and exterior, quiet operation, dependability, three wash arm levels, and of course ... want it to clean dishes well. Both machines seem to meet these criteria according to what I have seen, read and heard. We also prefer to not have hot moist air vented into the room out the front of the machine, and not to have an exposed heating element in the tub. The Samsung meets these criteria, the Kenmore not. Also, the Samsung racks appear to be more versatile than the Kenmore's, and I like that. It seems to me that the Samsung provides the most 'bang for the buck' of anything I have looked at. I respect the advice to purchase extended warranty or service contract on any of the more expensive dishwashers, and I am pretty confident about Sears' reliability. Which would you (Random Royalty) suggest is the way to go? Or ... should we spend a bit more and buy a Bosch? Thanks to all contributors to this blog thread.

Random Royalty said...


We have had rather poor experience with Kenmore. In fact the compressor in our 7 year old Kenmore 596 (made by Whirlpool) series bottom freezer fridge just died. When I looked at what this fridge cost including the service contract, and what garbage components they used (notoriously bad Embraco compressor), I feel like we've been had.

Fortunately the fridge died as we were renovating the kitchen, and we had just installed our new Samsung RF265ABRS French Door model (absolutely wonderful).

All of the Kenmore appliances we bought at the same time have died, so I can hardly recommend it as a reliable or durable brand. This does appear to be changing, but for me, once bitten, twice shy.

I still like our Samsung dishwasher, but it is a bit unforgiving of little things if it is to perform well (as are all high performance machines). For example, the machine has to be loaded correctly, making sure that the spray arms can turn freely, that there is sufficient rinse aid, and that nothing blocks the detergent dispenser door. Otherwise you risk getting dirty dishes.

While I don't have experience with Bosch, at the moment it is the only other dishwasher I would consider owning. They are more expensive, but there is a promotion on right now (in Canada) with an instant rebate of up to $200 until Nov 16, 2009.

Some nice models are on sale right now at, and they don't include the Bosch rebate. If you do go with a Bosch, avoid models that are under $1000, it seem you get what you pay for with this brand.

Unknown said...

Wife and I have had it with our Samsung. Got the gaskets changed, no difference. Checked out the heating element with ohm meter to see if it was still alive, thats good. Went back to the gaskets again. They were stretched again. So I cut a section out of them and placed back again with glue. The jest of this exercise is this dishwasher is just a train-wreak. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG! I have a thousand dollar boat anchor that looks pretty shiny.

pros said...
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jaller888 said...

9E is back again :) And this time it won't leave! As per my last post in July, we did call for service but nobody came. Coincidentally the error code just stopped appearing so I didn't bother to make follow up calls. Fast forward a few months and problem is back again but this time it won't clear.
I'm going to call service and ask what happened to my service call, hopefully they don't give me a hassle for going past 1 year. Keep you all posted.

Unknown said...
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calebu2 said...

Replacement DMR78AHS has been installed for a few months now. Appears to be working fine. Ability to dry is far improved over original one (and if we use sanitize it is bone dry).

Only complaint is it doesn't do a great job with baby bottles but we are learning where the good spots are to get a good wash.

Fingers crossed that this one lasts a long long time... We're now past our 45 day return period with Best Buy :)

Random Royalty said...


Good luck with the new unit! It would be great if you could post a mini review that outlined the differences and improvements of the DMR78 over the DMR77. (Mainly to satisfy my curiosity, but for the blog readers as well).

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for the great thread on the Samsung DMR77. I just bought this unit and am waiting for it to be delivered on Wednesday. Can someone help me with the actual measurements? According to the installation manual which I scanned through at the store, I require only the standard cutout height of 33.75 inches. I have exactly 35 inches clearance before I hit the countertop overhang. I happened to be on the Samsung site earlier and noticed a NET HEIGHT of 35.9 inches. Does this mean that I the unit will not fit in my space?? Can someone please help confirm this for me? I'd hate to cancel the order...

Random Royalty said...


I wouldn't worry too much about that spec. Mine is near the top of the height adjustment and it sits at exactly 34.5 inches tall.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Thanks so much for the quick reply Random Royalty! It's much appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting the new appliance - it's a beautiful unit and is replacing a GE Profile Performance that came with the house - bought about 8 years ago by the original owners. I hope that I will not have any (or too many) of the issues with the Samsung that the other readers have had but at least I know what to expect thanks to everyone's input. Keeping my fingers crossed...

dave said...

Just bought a DMR78. Not pleased with the washing ability compared to an older Bosch I had. I put a pot on the bottom rack and it came out dirty on Smart Auto. I had to hand wash it and not even scrub it. I only had to use a sponge. There were still large chunks of food clinging to stuff. I'm considering returning it. Darn shame. It's a nice looking and sounding dishwasher. Anyone else having cleansing issues? What could it be? How hard could it be to design a dishwasher that actually washes dishes? I can only assume it's either water pressure or nozzle arrangement. One difference with the old Bosch I had was when I opened the door I would have to wait for it to settle or it would spray water, where with the Samsung I can quickly yank open the door and not get wet.

Random Royalty said...


I'd give it a little time in order to get used to any new machine's idiosyncracies.

Just the same, here are a few tips for cleaning pots and other heavily soiled items (e.g. roasting pans)

1. Load these items on the bottom rack only.

2. Use the "Heavy" cycle.

3. Make sure you have enough detergent (fill the cup and close it, and add another tablespoon or so in the bottom of the tub).

4. Make sure you use rinse aid. You may need to run a few loads to get the right dispenser setting.

5. Make sure your inlet water temperature is hot enough.

6. Run hot water from the tap before running the dishwasher.

If none of these tips work, you may have hard water. Use a commercial water softener or a bit of lemon juice, lemon Kool-aid or citric acid with your normal wash.

Unknown said...

Updates on my dishwasher...

After 3 months, I finally got the part to the top rack where the tabs broke off. I called over 15 times during those three months and took names and employee numbers (because they all seemed to be named Kemisha). Finally in frustration,I said that because they could not give me the part to fix the machine, they should replace it. I was told that they only do that if the part had been backordered for more than 10 days - but the woman on the phone (who assured me that it was her decision how to handle things) refused to consider any kind of expediated service even though I had been waiting for three months!Finally I got some guy who gave me a direct phone number and I actually got the part.

And now... in the past three days I've been getting an error code and the dishwasher stops running halfway through the cycle. It's a code that says that the drainage is kinked but it's not, and the hose is clear. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with this machine. Based on the 'help' I got with the broken rack, I have no hope that Samsung will make this right. Never another Samsung, never again.

Random Royalty said...


As I had posted previously on this blog, I highly recommend dealing with the store where you bought your appliance.

As far as your error code for the "kinked hose", I'm sure this is a drain obstruction, such as a clog.

Once with our old Whirlpool dishwasher we got a similar code, and called the Sears tech. He found that the drain hose had a dog hair plug (we have a Labrador retreiver that sheds, his hair gets in everything). This cost us $150 to find out.

Before doing anything, I would remove the drain hose and see if it is clear.

Unknown said...

Wow amazing thread going here, glad I found it. We are in the process of buying appliances for a new house here in Nova Scotia and are looking at mainly Samsung appliances. We currently have a bottom mount fridge we love and have always had good luck with their smaller electronic devices. The comments here however, are making me think twice about this dishwasher. We're looking at purchasing everything from Sears, so I'm confident customer service will be reliable. The other issues though seem to be very common for a $1000 unit. There is a Bosch model currently on sale for $1099 from $1599 that was suggested to us, $200 more than the Samsung. My main concern is the air drying without an element. I love the efficiency of it but we use a lot of reusable plastic containers. Are they going to be soaking wet when the cycle is done? The other appliances we're looking at are



OTR microwave

Washer and dryer is undecided but I just discovered the new Kenmore units are rebadged Samsungs without the Silver Care, which I don't want anyway. Prob going to go with those if the price is right.

Random Royalty said...


I'm back to liking my dishwasher, after running a cycle with some citric acid based coffee maker cleaner, cleaning performance has been restored. Of course there is the annoyance of the rack adjuster clips, I hope this does not become an annual recurrence.

The Bosch dishwasher is a condenser drying machine like the Samsung. This means your plastics will definitely come out with water drops on them. In addition, Bosch diswasher do not have a food grinder, so it means you have to empty out and clean the filter "bucket" every once in a while.

Your choices of appliances all look good with the exception of the microwave.

We just renovated out kitchen and put in the larger Samsung RF265ABRS refrigerator. Totally awesome appliance.

After doing some research and looking at the units available, we decided against the Samsung "Over the Range" microwave ovens. This was due to consistently bad reviews. We also found the fit and finish not up to the quality of the other Samsung appliances.

Instead we opted for a Panasonic NN-SD297 as we had previous excellent experience with this brand, and it was rated at 420 CFM. So far, so good... a very solid performer, lots of useful features and very easy to use.

I will be posting reviews on the refrigerator and microwave soon.

Feel free to follow up with your experiences with your appliances!

Anonymous said...

I want to add to my earlier comments on the DMR77 and other Samsung appliances. Along with the DMR77 we own Samsung's top of the line SMH7187STG microwave oven, FTQ307NWGX convection range and RM257ABRS Quatro refrigerator (all in stainless steel finish). These have proven to be superb appliances. We’ve owned the DMR77 for almost a year and the others for a year and a half and I’m happy to say that we have not experienced any of the problems that others have reported.

Regarding the DMR77, we have never gotten any error messages, broken any rack tabs or had any dishes come out wet after running the machine (once we understood the various cleaning cycles). Dishes, glassware and cutlery come out sparkling clean and dry after each wash. The DMR77 is whisper quiet and very frugal with detergent and rinse-aid. However, that’s not to say it’s perfect. When we first got it I was bothered by the up-to-three hour run time (compared to 76 minutes for our old dishwasher). Fortunately it is VERY energy efficient and has actually lowered our electric bill.

One early annoyance was a sour smell inside the machine during extremely hot weather (we live in Arizona and routinely get 110+ degree summer heat). Our dishwasher is located on a kitchen wall with a western exposure and, because the DMR77 is designed to capture and hold heat, it got hot enough inside on summer days to cause a stink. The simple solution was to run the 11 minute rinse cycle on hot days to keep the interior smelling sweet.

Finally, from day one I have been annoyed by the closely-spaced tines in the machine. Maybe it's just our particular dinnerware, but we have to carefully intertwine small, medium and large plates to get them "just so" or they tip over and crash into each other. My wife can usually gauge my success at this activity by the amount and volume of profanity eminating from the kitchen area.

Our experiences with our other Samsung appliances have been great. The convection oven works flawlessly and has lots of advanced features that have improved the appearance and taste of our cooking and baking. The overhead microwave oven has more features than the space shuttle but is easy to use. It is very powerful and can boil water in half the time as our old 1200 watt microwave. It also has a neat cooling vent that automatically opens when the oven is in operation and closes when done, just like the powered spoiler on a Porsche. It's probably the only microwave in the world with gearhead appeal.

Our Samsung Quatro is simply awesome. It makes a bold design statement with its four doors and interior compartments that can switch from refrigerator to freezer to anything in between. There’s nothing quite like pulling a microbrew out of the fridge at the perfect serving temperature or keeping fresh steaks or fish chilled overnight at just the right temperature to preserve their texture and taste.

We looked at just about every brand of appliances available before choosing Samsung and have not been disappointed. We bought everything from Lowes (who were great and went above and beyond on installation and delivery, taking time to carefully level the appliances, check for perfect alignment on the doors, etc.). Prices were a not-unreasonable $2800 for the fridge, $1400 for the oven, $400 for the microwave and $1000 for the dishwasher. It turned out that our first Quatro had sustained hidden shipping damage that caused it to make a loud noise when the compressor kicked on. Lowes quickly and cheerfully replaced it that same week. The replacement fridge is dead quiet and works flawlessly.

For the money I don’t think you can do better than these Samsungs. They incorporate advanced technology, stylish design, unique features like four compartment cooling and the most beautiful stainless steel finish I’ve ever seen. I recommend you buy from a reputable dealer and don’t worry about the experiences of the unlucky few who have posted here. If you do get a lemon like our first fridge the dealer should be willing to stand behind it to keep you happy.

Random Royalty said...


Thank you for the great report on your Samsung appliances! I have to agree that these machines represent excellent value for the money, and our experience has been mostly positive as well.

You have made me realize something very important. With most high performance technology, spending some time learning how they work usually results in a better overall user experience. This is being geeky (after all, geeks read the manuals)...and also why this blog is called The Appliance Geek!

Unknown said...

We purchased a Samsung DMR77LHS dishwasher on July 15, 2008. I know this date well, because it's when my one year warranty started.

As others have reported, this machine has serious design flaws and reliability problems:

-Three of our rack holders have had to be replaced due to the tabs breaking off, and I'm now preemptively reinforcing them with zip ties.
-The wheels on the bottom rack constantly pop off if put under any pressure at all. Fortunately they're not broken...we just pop them back on. Haven't figured out how to make them stay on, though.

-In August--after my warranty had expired--the electronics went wonko and the machine completely stopped working. I was able to get through to "Executive Support" fairly easily, and they agreed to extend the warranty, which was good. The tech determined the main electronics board had failed and needed replacing. We then had to wait SIX WEEKS for the part to arrive due to factory backorder. We assume the long wait was because the factory couldn't crank them out fast enough to cover all the failures. Once finally fixed, he machine started working again until tonight...

-Tonight I'm Googling for tips on how to address the "SE" error code, which supposedly means there is a drain blockage. I've checked (not easy) and there's not. The other symptom is that the pump is not even turning on, so I suspect the error code is a result of a pump or some other electronic fault.

-On top of all these things that have actually broken, we find the rack designs totally crummy. They simply don't efficiently fit any of our dishes (we have three sets). You can stuff a lot of plates, but it's really hard to load bowls, small plates, glasses, etc.

-The machine does not clean well when fully loaded. We have learned to load only every other slot with a plate. If we fully stuff it, we end up with all sorts of food caked onto the dishes.

Bottom-line: Yes, this machine APPEARS to be a good value, but it is the single least reliable appliance I've ever purchased. I definitely regret buying it.



justus said...

Oh those little grey plastic peices. We are on our second Samsung dishwasher in less than 18 mo. We bought ours a 77 at Lowes thank goodness. We had to wait for a back order and soon after it was installed we started hearing noises. The repairman replaced the pump. Then 3 weeks the dishwasher stopped working halfway through the cycle. Samsung recommended that we replumb the drain hose to go through our garbage disposal. Lowes came out and did it for us. Then we started hearing noises again. They replaced the pump again. Then we noticed that we only had two tabs left on the top rack. My husband had been finding these small grey plastic parts in the garbage disposal and the flatware basket and thought some plastic container broke. These plastic parts came from the top rack. By thanksgiving of 08 we had our top rack secured with ties. Samsung had a new rack on order. By June of 09 we had a new dishwasher a 78 this time, because Samsung could not get the new rack for us. My husband heard this loud noise from the dishwasher the other night and low and behold I stuck my hands in the garbage disposal and the culprit was, you guessed it, those small grey pieces from the top rack. WE have lost 4 so far. The service Tec is due out any min now and Lowes has been contacted. I want a new dishwasher and not a Samsung. I have had it with them. I only due 7 loads a week and after spending $1000 for this brand this is not acceptable. I am glad I found this site and to know that I am not the only one with this problem.

Unknown said...

I posted here in the start of 2009, while complaining about the water puddle in the bottom of the drum.
This problem persist still and the new to add to that is
the plastic lever which holds the sliders for the upper rack movement and adjustment is broken.
The lever hooks that attaches itself to the upper rack is broken.
Customer service is not helpful except their long opening speech and annoying comments.
They also insisted on the purchase date which at that point I remembered the month and year and not the date. It is not yet one year.
when we take our time to register our product online and looks like they get to know the details when they ask you the phone number. I feel my time is wasted a lot by some people sitting in a room sipping their coffee.
I'll not recommend samsung unless you know that you get a hazzle free service from reputable shop.
We bought this from coast whole sale appliances- it doesnt mean that I got it cheap ,I paid the usual price and I went with them because I had to purchase my appliances with the same company.
I do not know what to do now, having problems already.
I also notice that dishes are not cleaned properly.
I will not recommend it.

Vinceo said...

We have experienced many of the issues noted above (wet plastics, odour, tight packing, accidental power on) with our DMR57, which was purchased in July 2009. One further annoyance we have, which has not been mentioned, is that the labels on the controls are disappearing. Most of the letters are not indented into the metal so the ink is just being rubbed off. It seems like a shoddy etching job. We have plastic sticky tape over them now to prevent more wear. Samsung Canada (or, at least, the lady based in the US who answered the phone) have promised to be in touch. Have others been faced with this problem?

JM said...

I, too, was seduced into buying the Samsung DMR77LHS dishwasher. It was beautiful sitting on the showroom floor. So sexy and sleek. I begged and pleaded with my husband who was looking at the Whirlpool dishwasher. He could not get over the $400 price difference. "But, honey", I would exclaim, This one is so pretty and so durable looking". He said, "but Whirlpool has been around and has such a good reputation, you know that yourself because you have been working for a builder for 20 years and that's all you use because you have no callbacks on them". "Yes, honey you are correct, but this one is suppose to be better, they have great customer service, they are better built. Pleaseeeeeeee!"

Yes he ended up giving in and we purchased this Samsung. From day one, I could not get the dishes to fit correctly. I had to relocate and relocate and still had dishes sitting in the sink. I scrubbed down the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, but they never came out clean. They were soaking wet. Found this blog and took your advice, used jetdry, didn't put dishes in front of soap dispenser (which wasted alot of room), and used santize option, but to no avail, they did not get clean. When filling up glasses with tea, we would get bubbles and could not figure out why. Then it dawned on me that they were not getting rinsed good. So I ended up rinsing the dishes then hand drying them before putting them up.

After 2 months of trying to get use to this machine, I loaded it up one day and pressed the button, nothing lit up, would not do anything. Checked the door, check the breaker, nothing. So I called Samsung and they sent out a repairman within 5 days. The repairman said it blew a fuse and he had to order a new control panel because you could not just replace the fuse on this machine. After a few more days, he called and said the part was on backorder and did not know when it would come in. After a month and a half of waiting and calling, Samsung said they would just send out a replacement. I needed to send them a receipt and they would get a "file" started. Sent them my receipt. Called back a few days later and they said they could not accept it because it was typed up. I said this is all I got from True Value when I purchased it. They said to call True Value and have them send the original. I had True Value fax them a copy of the receipt. Weeks go buy and all I keep hearing is we are still trying to get a file set up for approval. Hadn't heard anything, then called back and they finally said well, we do not do exchanges with True Value ????? Why, True Value orders from you and all you have to do is send me a dishwasher to True Value and they will send this broke one back. They could never answer that question. So I asked them what am I suppose to do now. Finally I said look, it has been 2 months will you just give me a refund so I can get a dishwasher that operates. After several more calls, they finally agreed. But the approval for refund has taken yet another 2 months because you can never talk to the same person twice and they always have to send an email to the person above them.

So, finally after 4 months of ongoing calls and lots of backpain from doing dishes, I have now been "approved" for a refund only to find out, yes, I have to wait another 21 days before a check will be mailed to me.

I went ahead and called my Lowes store, told them to load up the Whirlpool dishwasher that my husband and I first wanted and had them to deliver it to my house. Installed it and man oh man. I love this dishwasher, no scratching my head where to put things, everything fits so well, dishes come out clean, no residue in glasses, dry dishes, etc. Not as quiet, but if it cleans I will tolerate a little noise. Yes, my husband was right after all. Don't be fooled by the appearance, get a dishwasher that has years of experience and gets the job done.

Unknown said...

What are the causes of the 9E error? It keeps on happening every time we start the dishwasher at night.... not during the day for w/e reason. Yes I will get it serviced but until I'm worrying something in the house is causing all my problems. In a 2 week span, my washer (LG)had to be serviced due to thermistor error, my hotwater kept on tripping on high temperature 1 week after the washer problem, we replaced both thermostats on the unit and now the dishwasher.

terpet said...

We purchased our Samsung dmr77lhs from Lowes in June 09. Had it installed in August after the kitchen renovation was complete. The only reason we bought a new d/w was the renovation. The 10 y/o Kitchenaid was working perfectly. In fact the plumber who installed the Samsung asked if he could buy our old Kitchenaid.

After running a few loads and getting dirty dishes at the end no matter what cycle we used I realized that the water was not heating properly. Samsung sent out a local repairman who discovered that the heating element was fine but the motherboard was bad. He assured me that this could have have happened on any machine was not a flaw in Samsung's products. Motherboard was replaced a week or so later. Once we learned the ins and outs of how best to load this machine (it's not simple!) we were reasonably satisfied with the performance. It certainly dried better than our old one - even plastic comes out bone dry if we use the sanitize option and wait a bit to open the door.

A month or 2 later (sorry, it's all starting to run together now!) we got a 5E error which is a drain error. The machine would shut itself off because it "thought" it wasn't draining properly towards the end of the cycle. It was not a drain error but a switch inside the machine that was not working properly. Repairman called Samsung and was given instructions on cleaning and resetting the switch. Since then machine was working fine until 8 days ago. Same 5E error as before. Called Samsung and was told I would be contacted be ECR (Executive Customer Relations)and would perhaps be getting a new machine depending on what happened on the service call which was scheduled for today. The repairman just called and said "I know what your problem is - it's the same switch as before and there's no point in my coming out. I am ordering a new switch assembly." If Samsung approves it the part should be here in 5 to 7 days. If not, they'll call me. When he came out the first time for the 5E error he had never seen it before but has now heard of it happening to others. So perhaps this is a fault with this model? I've noticed a few people on this blog asked about drain errors.

We have not had any problems with the plastic clips that many have mentioned but we also don't adjust the top rack much.

I am very curious to see what will happem with ECR. It sounds like some have had good experiences and others have not. My husband is prepared to "go to war" but at this point I don't know if that's actually necessary. It was Samsung who first suggested it may be time for a new dishwasher, not me.

As a side note, we bought a Samsung french door refrigerator at the same time. Aside from it not fitting on the first installation try we have been absolutely thrilled with it. It seems their 36" fridge is a little larger than other brands' 36" fridges. Cabinet maker came out and rebuilt the cabinet and Lowe's came back to install at no charge. It's so quiet that my husband was certain it wasn't running. Well, except the icemaker, but we're used to it now. The interior is huge and I love how I can easily move shelves around to suit my needs. It's a HUGE improvement over the crappy counter deptch Amana we had before.

Sam Sungfan said...

Another six months have gone by and it’s time to update my continuing experiences with our DMR77LHS. We have owned our Samsung for a little over a year and a half with no problems. We’ve never had any broken rack tabs, never had any error codes, never had any electrical failures or drainage problems. Our DMR77LHS been completely trouble free, once we understood how to correctly load and operate the machine we stopped experiencing the minor irritations I mentioned in my previous posts.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Lowes and stopped to talk to the gentleman who sold us our DMR77LHS. I mentioned the problems that have been reported on this website and asked him if he thought these experiences were typical. He said that he hadn’t seen a higher failure rate on the Samsung than on any other brand or model they carry. Lowes still carries this model and based on their responsiveness in the past I have no doubt that they would replace our dishwasher for free or for a nominal charge if we had the kind of major problems that some report here.

In my experience the DMR77LHS is a very high performance and energy efficient machine. It gets all of our dishes, glassware and cutlery sparkling clean and everything but the concave bottoms of coffee cups bone dry. It is extremely quiet, looks beautiful and is less expensive to run that our last machine.

I am extremely pleased with our DMR77LHS and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a state of the art dishwashing machine.

terpet said...

I wish I could go back and edit my previous post. So many typos!

We're still washing dishes by hand. It's been over 2 weeks now. I never had the promised call from ECR. I called them back and they had no record of my case being upgraded to ECR. I did finally talk to someone in ECR and after a lot of time on hold she determined that the part for my machine is on backorder with no estimated date of delivery. So she started the paperwork for a replacement machine and asked me to fax my original receipt to her. Said she would call back in a couple of hours. Never did. I called back a few days later and was told by someone else that she hadn't done anything yet but they'd check with her at the end of the day. I suggested they check with her now. They said she would get to it "soon". The phone rang about 30 seconds after I hung up and it was the agent I had spoken to a few days prior. She had my paperwork and said she would send it to her supervisor for approval. She had made it sound like it was already approved when I spoke to her the first time. Approval is supposed to take 3 to 5 days. She said she sees no reason why her supervisor won't approve it since they can't get a part for my dishwasher. Tomorrow will be 3 days so I will be calling back to see if anything has been done yet. I've started making my kids eat off paper plates. I have been very disappointed with the dishwasher but was prepared to rave about their customer service. Not feeling so happy with them right now.

terpet said...

Well, after 2 weeks of handwashing dishes and being told that I would be getting a new machine they've backed off of their word. The backordered "don't know when it might be available" part is now all of a sudden at the service center. So they will NOT replace this boat anchor that's sitting in my kitchen and will attempt AGAIN to get it repaired NEXT WEEK. Crappy machine and even crappier customer service. Apparently they decided sometime in the last couple of days not to replace the machine but didn't bother to call me or to call the service center to set up a repair until after I called them. I am beyond pissed off right now.

Anonymous said...

TERPET -- you said you got a 5E drain error due to a faulty switch. Are sure the drain isn’t actually blocked? The only way to know for certain is to pull the machine and physically probe the water and drain lines.

Are you aware that Samsung does not have a factory trained service force but instead contracts out to local repair people? That’s why your repairman had to call Samsung to get instructions on how to clean and reset the switch. It’s important to work with someone who has experience with Samsung dishwashers. We haven’t had any problems with our Samsung appliances but our salesman at Lowes gave us the name of good experienced technician just in case. I called him shortly after our appliances were installed with a couple of routine questions and by his answers am confident that if we do have problems he will be able to sort them out.

Another question: you said you remodeled, do you have an older home? I know from personal experience that new appliance can cause problems when mated with old plumbing and wiring. The Samsung dishwasher pumps large volumes of water for up to three hours which can have several consequences: the electronics can heat up and fail due to inadequate voltage from marginal wiring and partially clogged drains can impede water flow which can cause motors to overheat or water to back up and cause errors. I suspect that these causes are responsible in part for some of the complaints posted in this forum.

I can understand your frustration but don’t give up. Hold your repairman accountable, ask how experienced he is with Samsung machines and get someone else to do the work if necessary. Go back to your Lowes salesperson and have them become your advocate. Insist that the work be done correctly and in timely fashion. Find someone in Samsung customer service who will become your “champion” and help you cut through the red tape. Good luck and post a follow up.

terpet said...

SAM SUNGFAN -- Thank you for your input. The first time we had the error the repairman did take everything apart and it did appear that everything was draining properly. This was his first time seeing this particular error but he has seen it on other Samsung machines since then. He was just here an hour ago to replace the part. I don't know if he checked again for drain problems or just assumed that the problem was the same as before. I know he did have the machine out again. I probably should have quizzed him on it but was busy with other things and let it go. He was training someone new on Samsung this time.

Anyway, he replaced the part, ran the dishwasher through a rinse cycle successfully and left. 10 minutes later I walked into the kitchen and saw that my dishwasher was once again flashing 5E. Since the part has been replaced perhaps there is a drain error that the repairman did not discover. I have no way to know right now. There's no water in the dishwaser but maybe the problem is further back? He has not called me back yet. I'm currently on hold w/Samsung and have been for the last 47 minutes. I have no idea what/if anything they're going to do for me at this point. I'm just glad we're still under warranty so as annoying as all this is at least I'm not paying for anything out of pocket.

To answer your other questions. The house is only 10 years old. And yes, I am aware that Samsung contracts out their maintenance. Unfortunately our regular company won't touch Samsung warranty work. I wish I talked to them before making this purchase! I called Lowe's last week to see if they would advocate on my behalf. They sounded encouraging but I have not heard back from them yet. I'll see how today's conversation w/Samsungs goes then follow up with Lowe's if necessary.

I am doing my best to keep my cool because I don't believe that being rude to customer service personnel ever helps. But it's tough today! About 30 minutes into the call (most of it on hold) the agent came back and said "are you aware that you're scheduled for service to get this repaired today?" Uhm, yes!!! I told her at the very beginning of the call that he had just been here and went into great detail about what happened. After 47 minutes she disconnected me so I am now on hold again back at the very beginning of the phone tree. Almost 8 minutes so far.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

cel said...

Samsung DMR57
cel said
We will never buy samsung again. We have had our dishwasher 3 weeks, samsung sends technician out we are advised he is ordering new motor assembly. We phone samsung we would like a new one, their response NO.
February 6, 2010

jaller888 said...

Well, here we go again. Posted back in October about a 9e error.

I had called Samsung Customer service a few months back following up on why nobody had come out to look at my unit and was told that too much time had gone by and the issue was considered closed. I mentioned to them that nobody had in fact come out to look at the unit and was told that it was now out of warranty and nothing could be done. I was shocked at this response and asked how they could close an issue that had not been addressed, the rep told me that it was closed in their system and there was nothing they could do, that I should have called earlier to follow up. I then asked to speak with a supervisor/manager and they refused. After a few more minutes of my pleading, the rep recapped what she had told me and promptly hung up. I was not rude , I did not yell and I was left in absolute shock. I mean , totally in shock. I just couldn't believe that a retail products company in this day and age would treat its customers like that.

To make matters worse, today my wife noticed our carpet was wet, turns out our little Samsung had a crack in the drain hose that was leaking for some time. My God, what a complete piece of s#it this is. I can't believe I spent money on this garbage. NEVER Again. F Samsung, I'm done.

Unknown said...

This morning I unpacked the dishwasher and about 80% of the dishes had to be rewashed and put back in. This, sadly, is typical.

Quite honestly, this is the worst appliance I've ever bought. Customer service has been horrendous, and even when the dishwasher 'works', it doesn't.

sticknpuck said...

Wow, I find it really hard to beleive all the negative comments about this machine. Have now had this one installed for 6 months and it continues to work perfectly! No leaks, no pieces breaking, dry dishes* all the while my 3 year old hanging off the front handle no matter how many times i ask/yell at him to stop.

*a few tips for those using this dishwasher. Always run the hot water in your sink until it is hot. I mean really hot so it burns your hand! If you cannot get your water this hot, this may be why you are experiencing wet dishes. Let it sit for while after completing cycle. We turn it on at night and they are dry by morning.
This machine as well as all the others in the store including Bosch, yes the beloved Bosch, the gold standard by which all other dishwashers are measured (apparently), will leave some plastics with a few drips on them.

One other thing. Use jetdry! and don't use too much soap. I have determined the less soap the better in this machine. I only fill the dispenser about half way. All you clean freaks in the more soap means cleaner camp are going to have get over it. Trust me, let the machine do the work.

Overall I have been very happy with this machine. I do have my fingers crossed that none of the problems will occur, but at this point I am starting to think that many of errors described above are install related (no offence intended).

terpet said...

To update on our situation: After the last repair which held for only 10 minutes Samsung finally agreed to replace our dishwasher. It took a few hours on the phone because they disconnected me and forgot what they were talking about several times. But eventually they sent a credit back to Lowe's. Lowe's allowed me to use that credit towards anything I wanted so I went with a Bosch. I could not love this dishwasher more!!!!! It's quieter, it takes half the time to run a complete cycle and the dishes come out SPOTLESS every time. No re-rinsing and re-washing half the dishes like I had to do even when the Samsung was working. When the installer removed the Samsung he told me he had installed about 100 of them and removed about 100 of them. He has only ever removed one Bosch and it was because the homeowner installed it incorrectly.

So, to sum up --- I hated my Samsung and was incredibly frustrated with the poor customer service. Ultimately I am satisfied that they replaced the defective dishwasher. I wish it hadn't taken months to get it done since the dishwasher never worked properly from the first day. I am absolutely thrilled with the Bosch I have now and will recommend it to everyone.

Unknown said...

Your experience is so counter to nearly everyone else's, including mine. I've had a lot of dishwashers in my life (military family, moving every 18-24 months for 24 years) and this Samsung is by far the worst I've encountered. I don't think it's user error. All the other ones I've had have cleaned my dishes. At the very least, it's very poor product design if so many people are making user errors and can't get the Samsung to clean their dishes properly.
And I can confirm the customer service horror stories. I've never dealt with worse.

Unknown said...

We bought our DMR77 dishwasher in Jan of 2009 from Lowes in Rancho Cordova, California, and after they installed it, it wouldn't clean dishes and wouldn't dry. Samsung sent out a repairman who said the unit was OK, but when the unit still wouldn't work and we complained he returned and replaced the heater. After a few months the unit began making very loud noises, so the repairman returned and said everything was OK, but the noises got worse so when we complained he returned and the pump was replaced, after which we got the LE error, so the repairman returned and fixed the leak. Late last fall the upper basket tabs had all broken off, so we called Samsung and they informed me that the warranty was expired (after only 9 months!), and when I faxed them my receipt, they said the unit had been sold previously and had warranty work done on it before I purchased it!! Lowes had sold it to us as a new unit. Now the dishwasher is about 6 weeks out of warranty, and today the unit went dead - no electrical activity at all on the panel. What a lemon, I definitely advise everyone to avoid this model. Anybody have any advice on what I should do next?

Sam Sungfan said...

Sad to see how this forum has degenerated into group therapy for morons and whiners. Take Richard for instance, the clueless b*st*rd who claims Lowes sold him pre-owned and defective machine – something very hard to believe – and is wondering what to do. Well here’s a clue: FILE A LAWSUIT YOU RETARD. You can hire someone to do the dishes for you when you win those millions. And to the guy who complains that big chunks of food are left on his dishes after the wash cycle: Are you really so dense that you don’t know to rinse the dishes first before you put them in the machine? Or is the kitchen sink in your double-wide plugged up? Well hey partner, just take them dishes in the bathroom and scrape the big chunks off into the toilet. They’re going to end up there anyway, so why not cut out the middleman.

To Random Royalty and the other nice people on this forum: so long, I’ll miss you, and I hope your Samsung appliances provide you with many years of good service just as ours are doing. To the rest of you freaks, geeks, morons, and losers: GET A LIFE. Take stock, accept responsibility for your own actions, learn to deal with setbacks, work for positive change, and stop bothering the world with your petty “Oh poor little me” problems because no one gives a flying “F”. So long losers, I’m outta here.

PETER said...

The cabbage is on the left side second shelf down.

sticknpuck said...

Well said Sam, I think i'll follow your lead.

RR thanks for starting this thread, it was a good reference when I bought, but unfortunately has fallen so far off the rails it is now irrelevant.


Satisfied Samsung owner.

randomroyalty said...

I have been following this thread with some amusement as it degenerates. Normally I only delete spam comments as the ones that are on topic can provide fascinating insight into consumer behavior, regardless of their tone.

I think it is very important for people making decisions to have access to varying points of view...I can't stand flogs and other fan sites, because people want to BELIEVE that they made the right decisions about their purchases. This does not help others.

For some people, the desire is just load the machine, put soap and press start. This machine is clearly not for that person.

However it will deliver excellent results if you pay attention to how you use it, and save you a heap in energy and water costs at the same time.

Personally my experience with this machine has been good, but I am concerned about spotty customer service and there is a lot to be learned here and I hope that manufacturers (not just Samsung) are paying attention.

Kate A McAuliffe said...

Random Royalty,

We've used our samsung for about 2 weeks and "SE" started flashing on the panel. Any idea what that means?
Thank you!

randomroyalty said...


If you look in your instruction manual, you will see a list of error codes in the Troubleshooting section.

The 5E code means a blocked drain (clogged or kinked hose).

Unknown said...

the piece of junk died in the middle of a wash after 16 months! no power!
It was not a surprise when it happened... because I always suspected that it will happen sooner rather than later!
will see what the service guy has to say.
Boy... was i stupid to have ever considered buying this piece of S...
Will never look at any another crap made by this unworthy company!

Check out these comments:

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

" Sorry!
This product is no longer available."

not soon enough to have saved myself all the aggravation! too bad!!!

Unknown said...

Would NOT recommend it. Multiple design flaws.

Payed a fairly high price - 900.00 I believe. Within several weeks a cheap plastic piece that raises an lowers the top tray broke - good like finding on line basic parts... We lived with it.

Then just beyond warranty a loud grating noise began. I paid I think 600.00 to have it fixed, withsubstanital delays, could have been a new DW, then within a few months, same problem again with a grating noise that apparently will require complete removal of the unit. I took the lower unit housing cover off my self to see if I could see a piece of glass that may have gotten in there but that was not the case, the noise comes from underneath (bad plastic gear?). In the process I encountered a rediculously complex gasket that cannot be reinserted into its intended location (it appears to be oversized or to have been stretched) - so if re recall the repair man and spend another 600.00 we are into this thing for 2200.00, and are we going to have to pay 600/yr for repairs??? - can not recommedn this product

Unknown said...

It's so comforting to know that I'm not alone in my experiences with my lousy Samsung dishwasher. I should have thought twice when the salesman tried his best to steer me towards an American model, but no, I wanted the handle which matches my other appliances. Because of this stubbornness I got the following:
1. A dishwasher that can only handle half the number of dishes that any other dishwasher can take otherwise they come out dirtier than then went in;
2. A terrible smell that is only banished by using bleach (vinegar does nothing)in a cycle (I believe this is because of the fine nylon mesh that covers the grinder--you can SEE the food stuck to it but can't get rid of it);
3. Crud evenly distributed all over the dishwasher when it has finished "cleaning" (I wipe out the blasted dishwasher after every wash!);
4. Bubbles in glasses because they're not rinsed right;
5. The added inconvenience of having to wash my dishes beforehand so that they'll come out clean once they go through the dishwasher!!!
I can only feel desperately sorry that we don't have Lowe's in Canada. At least they seem to stand behind their products. The company I bought my dishwasher from isn't interested in appliances once they've foisted them off on you (however reluctantly they have done so!).
Not all Samsung is bad. I have a French door fridge that is absolutely wonderful. But I long for all the other dishwashers I have ever had before....I wish very much that this one would at least have some major problem so I could get rid of it--I'd not consider it money wasted, then, replacing a dishwasher that is less than one year old.

Jenna Rebekah said...

My experience with the DMR77. Purchased for my 7 year old home to replace a Whirlpool Gold we hated and that failed. I chose it because at any price point it was the only DW that had both a leak sensor - I have an expensive lower level, and a grinder. We pre-rinse, but I thought I needed something grindy to finish the job.

Loading it was tricky, having to skip every other tine. The problem is not just that they are too closely spaced, but that they are basically straight, so unless you're using flat plates they will have to tilt significantly. But again, we could deal.

Smart Auto w/ sanitize was disappointing and not enough. We switched to Normal w/ sanitize.

A couple months into its installed life we got the 5E drain error code. I checked everything and it would only error about 20-30% of the time, so we just put up with it. Some grindy sounds in the pump at the front bottom developed but it still functioned ok.

By now we learned that only Heavy w/ sanitize reliably worked, but it's quiet enough that forgetting the 3+ hour cycle was acceptable.

About six months in, we noticed its cleaning power was terrible. We have medium-softness city water. We restored performance after using a batch of that Lemon Shine restorer-stuff found at Wal-Mart.

We learned to keep the door clear, but even then, the tabs would often stick the door shut so we switched to powder. We finalized on using powder, with about a teaspoon of Lemi Shine added in each load, and Jet Dry.

18 months in now, and it won't power up. I didn't get an extended warranty, as I used to sell them (FU, Circuit City...) and I believe that if you get good enough hardware and design you shouldn't have to pay mob-money for a keep-it-working subscription.

I have 7 of the 12 upper tabs left. I won't be servicing it, as I don't want to throw good money after bad. I instead just went to Lowe's and bought the $1000 Electrolux. I still have to have the leak sensor, but I prefer its loading, capacity and feature set over the Bosch.

randomroyalty said...


Thanks for your detailed comment detailing your experience. Right now our DMR77 is running great (with a monthly cleaning with citric acid) but tabs on the rack adjusters are starting to disappear again.

I hope your new machine works out better for you. Please keep us posted, I would love to know if reliability and performance of Electrolux appliances has improved.

wsw said...

I Installed our Samsung DMR77LHS in January from the Brick. Regular cycle took 4 hours. Dead heater. Brick arranged for the local appliance repair. They ordered and replaced heater within a week, and now it works like a charm. Very pleased with it, especially for the price - C $950, though I did take out a 5 year warranty just in case.

Unknown said...

This product is of extremely poor design. It does not clean dishes at all. You will hand wash you dishes time and again. The machine cannot reach the necessary temps on its own. You must run your facet until hot before you start the dishwasher. I have rearranged the dishes, changed detergents, increased amount of rinsing agent being dispensed, and tried different options to make this dishwasher work. Nothing has done the trick. So now I rinse each dish before I put them in and rewash several dishes after most loads.


The front panel... what a pain! The buttons can be activated with the lightest touch and have no shield to prevent accidental activation. This means that when you lean against it while washing the counter or walk too closely past it, the dishwasher turns itself on. You then need to hold in two buttons at the same time for "cancel and drain" – this is an 11 minute cycle. If you accidentally lean against the dishwasher while it is cleaning, your current cycle is LOST. As a result you must restart the whole cycle from beginning!

The buttons are on the front of the dishwasher, and labelled by a black stencil on the stainless steel. This black stencil material seems to be water soluble and the power button has now completely disappeared (at 3 months out of the box). Others are in varying stages of dissolving so the front of the dishwasher looks like we paid $5 not $700.

I will never buy another Samsung product and although I've had this dishwasher for less than a year, I'm looking to replace it!"

randomroyalty said...


Are you talking about the same model Samsung dishwasher? The DMR77 does not have any buttons on the front of the unit, and the only silkscreening is the word SAMSUNG over the handle on the left. With the controls on the top of the door, and the dishwasher installed correctly under the counter, it is virtually impossible to accidentally turn on the unit.

I would also check your inlet water temperature to make sure it meets the minimum requirement for good washing performance. I would also recommend getting a water hardness test done. In the meantime a little water softening salt mixed with your detergent might help cleaning performance.

Lark said...

My experience is the same as every one else. I would have done well to leave Lowes and go read the reviews. I certainly had plenty of time. 5 Weeks for delivery. The machine worked for 3 weeks, then I had to call on the repair person... It took 4 calls to get the repairman to come and look at it. Now I am waiting for parts. I just read 6 weeks for parts delivery. They said 3 days, but that was a week ago.

Unknown said...

I had posted my comments here before.
As many of you had mentioned this DMR77LHS is a very cheap product. I had never experienced so many shortfalls in the short duration of time. Bought this in dec 2008 but started using it from the middle of Jan 2009, I had experienced numerous problems which includes breaking of plastic parts and the latest one is the upper nozzle is falling down. I fix it back, load the washer and open it, there it is again the nozzle is on the rack,dishes not cleaned properly.
I agree that they have a very poor customer service. They refused to connect me to their superviser,saying that they will call back.
Very cheap product although all of us paid a big price for it.
I regret for listening to the sales person.

Unknown said...

I am just wondering about the sincerity and honesty of some of the comments posted by SAMSUNGFAN and STICKNPUCK.
I started following this thread ,when I strongly felt that buying DMR77LHS was not the right choice. I also mentioned about this thread to the customer service of Samsung and also few people(I am not sure of their positions in Samsung) to read all the comments posted in this thread.

I said so because the customer service did not provide a helping hand and very annoying.
Following which I could see the comments posted by the above said people(????),WHAT A COINCIDENCE.
My sincere advice to them is -It is for the consumers who were affected by the faulty designs of machines that comes to the market and just to make sure that we are all on the same page. Comments from different persons here prove the fact that not one of them are satisfied withis DMR77LHS except those two.
What is wrong with having higher expectations of the product we buy?( commented by one of the above persons reg consumers higher expectations). Kindly stay away from posting rude comments.The little good things done by this machine is experienced with other dishwashers too. But the problems faced because of this machine is numerous.
I think all of us who has problems with this machine should send it to the CEO AND all the executives of this company.They need to use this machine then rerate it.
This time I called customer service, 2nd time in a day( first call did not go well) to inquire whether this product was discontinued, as I read in samsung review (cnnet archive), that this was discontinued.
I was asked to provide my name, which I did, address ,which I did, then phone number, I did. Then they want to verify my mail id ,which I refused,then They insisted on it, then asked my alternate phone number and few other unnecessary questions when asked about this product discontinuation.
( serial number)
Why on earth will he verify my email id ? Even the highest security bank system, tax department do consistent security questions, very embarrassing customer service. Not satisfied with this product. wasted our money.

calebu2 said...

Now for a measured comment that is on the fence with Samsung dishwashers...

We're approaching the 1 year anniversary of switching from a really crappy Frigidaire to the DMR78AHS. We had a bum unit on our first attempt (Which we replaced under store warranty). Until recently, the new one was doing fine.

First issue was the stupid plastic brackets that started breaking. We had them replace them under warranty last month. Around that time though, we started to get control panel issues - the dishwasher turns itself off mid wash or goes into delay start. I believe that steam has gotten inside the contacts of the touch panel and is affecting their functionality.

We're getting Samsung service back out on Friday to take a look at the unit.

I'm concerned that it will die a slow intermittent death if we aren't proactive with it.

Anyway, as far as the samsung service people - I can't say enough about them. I can't think of a service team that have been as quick to come out, as diligent in the house and as willing to listen to the customer. Bottom line - I think it depends where you live. If you live in Southeastern Massachusetts, you might be better off than most.

For some reason, we are Samsung gadget collectors - we had great luck with their HDTV (Well until it was 3 yrs old when the power supply board broke and I had to repair it myself with parts from Radio Shack). Our samsung washer and dryer are amazing - best appliances we have owned. We weren't dumb enough to get a Samsung refrigerator though - I think Samsung is pretty good at electronics, ok at engineering but sucks at plumbing and cooling. I'd trust a samsung A/C about as far as I could throw my Haier A/Cs (My current record is 10 feet vertically downwards from the second floor window).

Will post more when we get more news.

Shawn said...


One year and one month after purchase (one month out of warranty) our DMR77 died. No response at all from the touchpad on top.

I called Samsung and the lady extended some grace on the warranty.

The service man Samsung called took one look at our unit and said, "Aluminum wiring. I can't fix this." Then the peckerpuffer called Samsung and voided my warranty.

So I removed the source aluminum wiring and ran copper. I opened up the unit. I have 64 Volts coming into the harness that plugs into the PCB.

Both the door switches have continuity.

It looks as if I have 5 volts coming off the terminal blocks that run to the three different sections of the touch pad.

I ordered a new PCB board.

Installed it aaaaaaand... nothing.

Still dead as a doornail.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Please? Haaaaalp!

TaiKee said...

Would never ever EVER recommend this dishwasher. We have had it for 12 months now - and the biggest problem? It doesn't clean the dishes!

Every glass and dish every single time comes out with baked on food so we have to hand scrub them clean.

We've rinsed dishes before they go in, (no help), we've tried almost every brand of detergent known to man (no help), we can't get to the basket in the bottom where most normal dish washers gather food particles to try and clean it out since it's all screwed in place.

Worst dishwasher we have ever had - but hey it looks pretty. :/

Unknown said...

Our unit started displaying code 9E after filling, draining and filling again. At the beginning it was enough just to restart it. Finally this trick didn't work anymore. Before calling service for out of warranty I decided to take the unit out of the cabinet and start it. Of course this didn't fixed the problem. Then i noticed where the water comes in and I took off the plate on the right side bottom. Under the plate there is a white box that has a floater inside. The floater is pushing a lever that actuates a micro switch. I noticed that the lever wasn't moving as the machine started to fill in with water. The lever was stuck. An easy touch on the lever fixed the problem and the machine started working. I will put back the washer for now but if it happens again in the next future i'll have to find a more permanent fix.

Corrie said...

We are considering the Samsung DRM78 or DMT800. We have VERY low water pressure, but haven't really been able to find out anything about what dishwasher is best for that - the Samsung DMT800 is supposed to come with a Water Fill Sensor and a Low Level Water sensor - are these key features for us, or will any dishwasher do?

Unknown said...

Update to the post on September 20 regarding code 9E.
First: the plate is on the left side of the dishwasher.
Second: after few washes the code 9E came back. I pulled the machine out of the cabinet (again) took off the plate and disassembled the small water tank. Here I found the reason: It was full with mold from decomposing grease and food. the small floater was sticking to the walls of the tank and never moved freely. I cleaned the tank and the floater and put everything back. I hope this is a more permanent fix.
The reason for mold was that in the last time i used a lot of delayed washing. So while the washer was waiting, the water from the dishes was staying in the tank rotting away. I hope this will also fix the bad smell that came out of the machine.
I will stop using the delayed wash.

randomroyalty said...


Good troubleshooting! I am curious, do you use liquid soap? Have you ever ran a cleaning solution in the dishwasher?

Ever since I had trouble with our clothes washer with liquid soap, I switched to powder (hard to find HE powder), and I never EVER use liquid detergent in the dishwasher. After 2 years we never had a problem with smell. We often do not run the dishwasher for days, but we generally rinse the dishes before putting them in.

Also every couple of months I run about 4 tablespoons of citric acid powder on a quick wash + sanitize cycle.

Unknown said...

Do not buy this piece of junk.(DMR77.) Motor gave out after 1 year. The worst part is that the dishes do not come out clean, and if by chance they do, they are wet after full cycle.

Unknown said...

Thank you John. I was getting the infamous 9e error code on my Samsung, and starting/stopping was no longer working. After a 2 week vacation, 9e was all I could get out of the thing. I thought I'd add some more instructions to help people, because it took me a while to figure out how to get the white tank out of there:
1. Turn off the breaker for the dishwasher, close the supply valve.(just for safety)
2. Remove the screws holding the washer onto the countertop. The washer should be able to slide forward.
3. Inside the washer, on the left hand side, unscrew what looks like some sort of drainage grid. (watch that the o-ring does not fall under the washer). Leave the grid aside for now.
4. On the left side of the outside of the washer, remove the thin metal guard plate (2 screws, side and back).
5. You can now see the white drainage tank with the switch attached. Unclip the hose clamp attaching the translucent reservoir tank thing to 2 drainage hoses.
6. Unclip the white tank from the translucent reservoir thing (this can be tricky, the clip is a "one way clip", so a bit of prying is involved. Be careful not to crack the plastic. Unclip the hose from the white tank.
7. Unclip the switch mounting bracket from the white tank. Clean the tank, clean the float for the switch.
8. Reassemble, switch on power and water, be happy you did not pay a repair man or buy a new dishwasher :-)

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention, my exact model with the 9e error is Samsung DMR57LFW, but I don't think there's a huge difference between the DMR58 and DMR77.

Unknown said...

We have a DMR77LHS operating since March of 2009. I read this entire blog and have had none of those problems except a couple of broken tabs and learning how to place dishes in it and choosing the right cycle. It recently started making a vibrating sound for the first 10 minutes of the wash cycle. It is not a loading problem. It sounds like a solinoid rapidly cycling. Any experience or thoughts.

Mike said...

Just got a Samsung stainless steel dishwasher (after having a 15 year old one before).

It did smell, but I found a VERY SIMPLE way to get rid of the smell. Simply leave the door of the dishwasher slightly open so that air can get in there when you have dirty dishes in. Works like a charm and NO MORE smell.

And other people have mentioned that dishes didn't dry properly. Again, just open the door after they are clean, even just a bit, and then wait a few minutes. They will be dry.

Hope this helps y'all.

randomroyalty said...


Great advice, thanks!

As I posted previously, to avoid smell, stay away from liquid dishwashing detergent (same thing with front load washing machines or any other dishwasher).

Also about once a month, I wipe the bottom dishwasher door seal and where it marries to the floor of the diswasher as a lot of crud seems to accumulate there.

sparky said...

Have had this dishwasher for about 10 months and have had problems getting the dishes clean. It seems to clean the dishes and then throw random particles of food back on. Whats up with that.The dishes that come out dirty have different stuff on them than when they went in. Very disappointed in this product. It's a shame because I love my Samsung HD TV. I'll stick with them for electronics but never again for appliances

Cynthia Young said...

This has been a great forum for troubleshooting. We have had ours since July and only just started experiencing error code 9E. Do you think I should use a vinegar rinse as we do use the delay start ALL the time?

I did call Sears and their repairman came today and he basically said no one in Canada knows how to repair these machines because they are new.

He has no idea how to fix the error 9E and said that he'll have to come back another day with another technician.

I'm debating if I've bought a dishwasher that's not repairable once it falls out of warranty. I assumed that because I bought it at Sears it was pretty mainstream.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

randomroyalty said...


First thanks for your kind words...I had no idea when I started this blog how it would mushroom due to this sometimes finicky dishwasher!

For the vinegar rinse, there should be no harm. Also stay away from liquid detergents, they tend to gum up things and I'm partly convinced this is the problem with the 9E error code. I would also try running a few quick cycles with some citric acid powder (Affresh, coffee maker descaler or a couple of packs of Kool Aid - the small envelopes without sugar.

Right now we've found that Finish powder IN THE BOX (not the tabs) is the best, but you have to put a bit more in the cup. We've never used liquid and never had a 9E code.

(we've also switched to Tide HE powder for the front load washer, and after 3 boxes, no more smell!)

Sears tech is feeding you a line of B.S. They've been selling this machine for over 2 years now, and to top it off, they've been slowly transferring a lot of Kenmore appliances to Samsung, esp. washers and dryers and refrigerators.

I would not worry about getting this repaired off warranty and even though service you are getting from Sears seems to suck where you live I would seriously consider getting a service plan.

Unknown said...

We have never used liquid detergents, but still get 9E error.
Called a few service repair men, no one supports Samsung dishwasher. Tonight will try John’s fix.

Unknown said...

We have never used liquid detergents, but still get 9E error.
Called a few service repair men, no one support Samsung dishwasher. Tonight will try John’s fix.

Fiatstorm said...

I thought I'd share a Power Fuse Repair: For Samsung DMR77 (DMR77LHS).

I had and issue with the fuse blowing on the Samsung DMR77LHS dishwasher. What I did was to install a longer wire and move the fuse holder to the front access panel. This is easy for a handy-person or a repairman. you need:

-12" piece of 14 gauge wire White preferably (to stay consistent with the factory wiring).
-Soldering Iron
-2" heat shrink tubing

Directions: TURN OFF POWER and WATER before you start. Remove right side panel follow the White Wire from the power box to locate the fuse. Clip wire close to connector. pull white wire with fuse holder out. Solder new wire to the connector run out through power box. Solder fuse holder back onto the extended wire.

I'm not sure why (but I can guess) the fuse wasn't installed like this from the factory.

jas said...

I purchased my Samsung DMT 400 Series dishwasher 20 days ago and after my first washing, I realized it didn't clean or dry the dishes. After carefully reading the manual and following the loading instruction, I then called Lowe's. Said they would have to send out a repairman. He came today and checked everything out, but couldn't find anything wrong. My 18 year old Whirlpool dishwasher cleaned and dried the dishes, but not this Samsung. I will call Lowe's back tomorrow to see what can be done. I have a Samsung washer and dryer, which I love, but not happy about the dishwasher. I wish I would have read this blog before purchasing.

ron said...

I purchased a samsung dmr77 about 2 years ago . The machine worked ok but always left small particles of food and a noticeable film on glasses. I always thought that it was because the dishes were not loaded properly but in fact that was not the reason. Being handy and fed up from my coffee mug never being clean I opened the dish washer door, unscrewed about 8 screws on the bottom assembly. This revealed the true prblem. There were 2 gaskets that were not properly installed in the intended channels. Excess length of the rubber gasket prevented the parts from having the intended intimate fit. I found digusting accumulate of food which took me 20 minutes to clean, then I cut off about 2 cm. of gasket, fit it into the channel and secured the parts as before. My coffee mug is spotless but my confidence in samsung dishwashers is minimal at best. Another not so handy person with this problem would be eating off crud for years to come.

Unknown said...

I have a DMR77. I bought it at an auction of refurbished appliances. Since the first time we ran it it has given an "HE" code midcycle. We hit the power button to turn it off and then we turn it back on and it shows 11 minutes left in the cycle, it runs the 11 minutes and turns off. Our dishes are always wet so we just shake the drawers a little and leave the door open so they can dry....which is not very convenient. I called Sanding but they did nothing except refer me to the one company in Nashville that services their appliances. I realize that this is probably due to the fact I bought it refurbished. I did buy a 30.00 part that someone suggested it may be...I think it was a sensor of some sort). It didn't help. I only paid 130.00 for the dishwasher, so I know that I got a good deal. I wont call a service person out. If I can't find out what's wrong with it and fix it myself then I will pull it out and buy a new one. Does anyone know what needs to be replaced in order to stop the errror code and get the dishwasher working properly??

Unknown said...

RE: DMR77 Samsung

I am writing this in sheer frustration ... we purchased this model June 2008 ... required new pump March 2009 ( under warranty )fair enough ... needed new circuit board Aug 2009 and new door latch ( circuit under warranty latch not)
Feb 2011 needs new pump again not under warranty... phone Samsung to complain... only response is that the pump is not covered .. waraanty expired... told them that was not my point my point was that the machine is a piece of .... do they not care about their reputation - answer ... can sense my frustration ( dahhhh ) and that it is not covered by warranty ... I hung up...

Unknown said...

Hello. I posted back on October 23 last year, adding some instructions about how to fix the 9e error. Been working ok since then, now I get a LE error. A "LE" error is supposed to mean there's a leak somewhere, but I've pulled the machine out, again, and everything is completely dry. Tried turning off water, power etc etc, nothing seems to be able to reset it and clear the error. Other than the error codes, the machine works well. It's not in warranty anymore. Anyone seen this error or know how to fix it?? Thanks.

Unknown said...

Just to clarify my previous post, it worked well. Right now, it doesn't work at all because a LE error won't allow you to start a cycle. In other words, it's dead unless I can reset the error somehow. Reading everyone else's comments about the shoddy Samsung customer service, I doubt they will be repairing this free of charge, and after a couple hundred for a repair, it's not worth my time. I suspect it might be time for a Bosch, but it seems like a shame to throw out a good looking and otherwise functional machine, just because some onboard computer says it can't run.

Unknown said...

Arrgh! Had written a whole long post, damn browser complained about cookies and lost my diatribe. Here's the summary.

There was a leak causing LE error, corrugated drainage hose developed leak. Machine has a sensor, picked up leak - good. Sensor located on a tray under machine, 2 screws to remove tray. Took a few days for water to evaporate from tray and allow machine to work again. Replace hose, all good. Got intimate with machine, actually good quality parts etc. Must be me that's unlucky. Kudos to Samsung for building in leak warning, too bad Samsung supplied drainage hose died after 2 years. Hope not to be on here again. Still love look of machine, and works well when it's working.

Unknown said...

i noticed that 'random royalty', aka 'brand loyalty' has not posted yet. you're overdue. dd

randomroyalty said...

New Rack Adjuster Clip Design!

See new post" here>

Brad said...

Fix for the 9E error:

I am convinced that the error is due to a bad design of the float in the float tank. I have had the same 9E error come and go multiple times with no apparent cause. For awhile when the 9E error occurred I would tap the float sensor arm back and forth a few times (I had access to the sensor through my sink cupboard on the left of the dishwasher). Doing this would never make the 9E permanently go away.

The issue IMO: The float arm uses an air pocket as the water rises to move the float arm up until it contacts the limit switch. In some cases there seems to just not be enough buoyancy to lift the arm all the way up preventing the limit switch from closing. This causes the 9E error we have been seeing. I do not believe that it is caused by friction in the tank or mildew as well. (Although I could see mildew being a problem if it is very dirty, mine was clean after inspecting)

My Fix: I removed the float arm (instructions to do this appear in a previous comment). I then wedged some styrofoam into the bottom of the float sensor arm. There is two deep pockets in this where air gets trapped. Adding styrofoam provides extra buoyancy to lift the arm and closes the limit switch.

The float sensor itself does not stop the flow of water when filling. The water level is measured by a flow sensor as it fills. The float sensor is just there to verify that the dishwasher indeed does have water in it. Adding styrofoam increased buoyancy to close the limit switch and will not in anyway effect the operation of the dishwasher, with exception to actually making it work ;)

So far I can tell that the extra 'lift' the styrofoam provides is providing much more force to close the limit switch. I can verify this by manually pressing down on the arm when filled and feeling solid pressure on the limit switch. Dishwasher has been working perfect for awhile now so this does look to be a good fix.


Unknown said...

I purchased this unit in the fall of 09. The rack clips broke and fell into the pump. Made a terrible loud grinding noise. Warranty did take care of it though but greatly inconvienced us the time it took to get repaired.
Now the second set of rack clips have broken. And I might have not caught it before it went into the sump. GEEZ.
I was very very disappointed to see that this was made in China. Will not buy Samsung again.

Jessica said...

Where is the food grinder in this dishwasher? I've been having trouble with speckled dishes, not from food not being removed, but from food particles getting stuck to them as they're being "washed". A relative suggested it might be a clogged grinder because this was a problem he experienced (not with a Samsung) and when he cleaned his grinder (in which he found a pencil!)his problem was solved. I wanted to try this, however I have no idea where the grinder is, it's not mentioned in the manual! I didn't know it had a grinder until I read this review.

Dr. Mindbender said...

My wife and I bought a DMR77LHS dishwasher between 2-2.5 years ago, and we are dismayed by the low quality of both the dishwasher and the service we've received from Samsung and its vendors. Here's a rundown of our experience as Samsung customers:

First, the dishwasher started to stink. If we left the door closed, an eye-watering reek would build up. We looked online and found consumer reviews that said that other people had the same problem; the recommended fix was dumping in bleach during a wash cycle. Thus, I've had to bleach the machine's innards every few months since we bought it, and although the stench has abated, the unit has never smelled right.

Second, the adjustment mechanism for the top rack broke. Reaching customer service to get a replacement part was a nightmare--the single fax line to Samsung was always busy, so submitting proof of warranty coverage took two weeks--and then the part took another two weeks to arrive. On top of that, when the part finally arrived, it was the wrong part. I ordered a rack adjuster, not a rack wheel. Getting the right part took well over a month.

Third, the replacement part disintegrated. Yes, the same part that I'd gone through so much time and trouble to order. For some reason, the part's screws came undone and disappeared into the machine's bowels. Thus, I had to install my own stainless steel screws to replace the factory-installed screws that came out on their own.

Fourth, the bottom rack (the large one, the thing that holds plates and so on) rusted through. When I tried to order a replacement part, the genius on the other end of the phone said she was looking at a picture of the part...but then she sent a cutlery basket.

Fifth, the unit just stopped working mid-cycle on Friday night, and now it won't even power on. Over the time we've owned the dishwasher, it's stopped mid-cycle about five or six times and displayed error messages, but it would always start working again if we tried to restart the wash cycle. Now, though, it's not even responding at all. No lights, nothiin'. There's nothing wrong with the household electrical circuit to the dishwasher--I've tested it, and there's power aplenty--but the dishwasher is just plain dead.

Sixth and finally, the dishwasher has never done a very good job of cleaning in the first place. We use Electrasol detergent tabs, which are highly rated and (if I recall correctly) recommended for use in the dishwasher, along with Jet-Dri rinse aid, but we've been consistently disappointed with the amount of crud that we've found crusted to our plates, glasses, and silverware after running a wash cycle. Our dishes have never been truly clean as long as we've used this dishwasher.

All in all, my wife and I have been grievously disappointed in both the DMR77LHS dishwasher and the service we've received when dealing with Samsung and its vendors. We've already both posted scathing comments on Facebook, and when we go out later today to buy a new dishwasher, we will advise any other people we see in the store to avoid buying any Samsung product.

tc1uscg said...

VERY DISAPOINTED. Purchased from Best Buy Dec 2009. It's had 2 service calls (more then one trip but 2 issues) and just placed another call. 1st was a manufactures design oops. Little plasitc tips on the upper basket break off and locks up the motor. Next call was a blown fuse. Down for 2 weeks while geek squad waited for parts then couldnt find the fuse. Samsung re-designed main board due to this problem. Now, the plastic coated place holders that hold glasses, plates, etc, are splitting open and allowing the metal inside to rust. Rust spots on dishes, glasses. So, I have nothing good to say about this crappy little device. Thank god I got a extended warranty. And not to Samsung. Your phones suck and so do your dishwashers.

Ranting said...

Trying the 9E fixes. Thanks for posting. The motor has been replaced, and I agree in general that this machine is junk. Samsung good for TV's, but suck for dishwashers. Last one I will buy... and last service call I will make to them as well. If I can't fix it, it goes in the trash.

Dr Richard Grunert's Urology Blog said...

Been trouble shooting the Dishwasher. We have the DMR78 stainless model. Dealing with all of the same issues that others have, spoken to the repair guy when he is here, etc.

Bought it at Lowes about 2 years ago. My wife just showed me the broken plastic top pieces that have been in the drawer. Gonna try the zip tie, after it completes the quick cycle to clear the bleach that I have used to get rid of the smell and old mold that I found under the screen on the bottom.

I have found the Samsung help desk very good. I always start the call on how much I love the appliance but have been disappointed in the unit that I have. They have on 2 occasions now extended the warranty and we have therefore had the unit serviced and circuit board panel replaced at now cost, out of warranty. In my mind I think that they know that they have a troublesome unit out there.

Now my biggest issue is that there is a piece of plastic or other broken part stuck in the grinder and it make an awful noise when it starts. Anyone have a clue how to fix this?

Dr Richard Grunert's Urology Blog said...

Found out how to get the grinding noise and broken plastic part out. Pull the machine out after unplugging the unit , turn it on its side, remove the two screws on the white plate and the look for the lowest hose ( right under the white plate), use a pliers to open the hose clamp, and then connected to that hose is a grinder/motor that you can turn very easily and remove. The broken plastic clip was found there. Put it back together. Since a little water was trapped in the bottom of the unit some may spill out the unit. I was sure to dry the floor. Do a test run with the unit out of the cabinet to be sure there are no leaks and have a quite unit again!

Tbizzle said...

I own the Samsung DMR78AHS model of the dishwasher and after a year I started to get the 9E low water level errors.

I followed the instructions provided from Meh's Oct 23, 2010 post on how to locate and clean the float box. On a side note I have always used Gel detergents and Jetdry which is believed by some to gum up the dishwasher. When I got the float box apart after fighting with the one-way clips, the box was perfectly clean an no chunks of debris. I checked the contacts on the micro switch(PN# VX-01-1C22, MFG: Omron) that is actuated by the float arm as the box fills with water and they proved to be in good working order.

Next I recalled reading Brad's Apr 23, 2011 post suggesting that the float itself was not providing enough buoyancy to actuate the micro switch. I would agree that the float design is terrible and should have been at least a sealed float. I used Styrofoam inserts to provide the extra buoyancy as Brad has suggested. I cut the rough shapes to fill each side of the float and then used fine grid sand paper to get them down to a perfect snug fit. I reassembled all parts of the dishwasher, powered up and have not got a single 9E Error yet.

The whole process took me about an hour or two. I hope that this will help the rest of you who suffer from the dreaded 9E.

badge56 said...

Have had this washer since 2009. Its the worst I have ever had. A 250$ one does a better job washing dishes. Paid near $1000 cnd for this piece of sh*t. Repair man has come 3 times so far... Its JUNK.. stay away from Samsung dishwashers.

badge56 said...

We have had this dishwasher since 2009. Its the worst we have ever had. Repair man 3 times.. plastic in pump, change motor, change electronics, now 9E error.. Dishes are always dirty with powdery foodstuff all over. Mugs, forget it, bottom always dirty. The darn thing smells terrible. Oh, did I state that its JUNK.. I am now getting the 9E error and will not work. Will try repair but if not to our liking, its going. Stay away from Samsung dishwashers.

Leo said...

Have the DMR78AHS. Problems from the start. Same as already noted including cleaning, loading, info codes. Currently, it's the 5E drain code. I know it's not the drain but a previously mentioned comment indicates a "switch". Found great detail on repair of 9E but not so much for 5E.

Can anybody help this country boy with some 5E FIX details? Thanks!!

Mustard said...

Sorry, not sure our model, but new in 2011. It has a float on the left, but I found that it must have just been pressure on the side wall that prevented the float from rising. After moving the washer out of the cabinet, staring a bit, and putting it back then it worked just fine. Or maybe it was my strong will power.
Well, either way. Some models you may just need to adjust the angle it sits by a millimeter to allow it to move freely.

rbknll said...

I have a dmr57, which is similar to the dmr77, had it for 3 years, I also had the 9e error yday ,so I decided to check out the float thing, I disassembled the white tank and the translucent tank and cleaned the white tank. It had very little grime in it but it did the trick. The point is that even very little slime can clog the movement of the float. after I reassembled everything back, the error did not reoccur. What beyond me is how come there's slime in the fresh incoming water ? In any case I'm happy I saved a service call which would probably cost more than buying a new dishwasher, thanks for posting this solution.

Michael said...

Hi Random Royalty,

This is a great blog you have going and a source of some terrific information!! Many thanks for keeping it going!

I live in the GTA and will be moving to a new house in Oakville over the summer. In the meantime, I am planning on buying my kitchen appliances during the Boxing Day sales, and will defer delivery until our house is ready.

We have more or less settled on getting Samsung appliances and I shall be grateful if you (or any of the readers) would give me any feedback on the DMT610RHS. This seems to be a newer version of the DMR57 and DMR77. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated.

I’d also just like to make an observation. In the research I’ve done on Samsung appliances, people seem to write reviews only when they have a problem with their appliance (be it a dishwasher, range or fridge), but seldom write a positive review when they are happy with their purchase. Surely, Samsung has sold millions of appliances in North America over the past several years and if only a handful of people have complained, then it seems to me that a vast majority of the people are satisfied with their purchase. On the other hand, there might be a whole bunch of dissatisfied purchasers of Samsung appliances who are not bothered to write reviews!! Any thoughts or comments??

randomroyalty said...


Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

I have not seen the DMT610 series, but I have seen the new lower end model (350 or 400, not sure). I was not impressed at the build quality at all but this is hardly a way to judge. I noticed they are still made in China (probably by Haier).

I would hope that the DMT610 fixes most of the problems with the DMR77/78 series, namely filtering performance, rack adjusters and the drain float control.

At this point you might be safer with a Bosch. If you are patient and pay attention to bargain sites like, you can get one on sale (Sears seems to have the best sales).

oilcoolman said...

I have the 77 also . I am also afflicted with smell issues from time to time. We minimize this by running time to time with vinegar. It is great at cleaning but unfortunately leaves all the food it washed off back on the dishes. My wife HATES this thing and i tend to agree . it does use less water and electricity than our old GE but if the dises are not clean , really what is the point. To anyone reading this excellent Blog i would say stay away from this dishwasher . you have been warned.

hottubbrad said...

Our Samsung 77 Black is 3 years old. Same problems as everyone else. Not cleaning, broken rack adjuster, stinky glasses....

Now the power has shut off completely. I pulled the dishasher and found the fuse on the bottom. It was blown. I replaced it and put it all back together feeling happy. Well, that happiness lasted about 2 minutes when we turned the power back on and the dishwasher was still dead.

Basically, we are now hunting for a new dishwasher as I will not spend any money on fixing this crappy machine as I know the next breakdown is waiting around the corner.

DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG until they are proven.
I made the mistake so you don't have to...

Dico said...

I will not by another Samsung product after my experience with Samsung dishwasher - and yes I know they have good LCD's etc but this is my only way to let them know - they stole $1400 from me.

Unknown said...

Add me to the list of the fine folk that has received a 9e error code. Hunk of crap by the sounds of it.
Thanks for all the chatter about this error, at least I have direction and things to try! It's Saturday night, why fix today what I can fix tomorrow right?! I'll get the kids to clean the dishes!
Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

9E error code here as well. Purchased my stainless DMR78 back in 2009. It was a floor model from Best Buy and got a great discount. The unit was not used. Got it home and six months later the rack adjusters fell apart as some have noted here. The screws were either missing or came out from use. When the Best Buy Geek Squad technician came to fix the issue he installed new adjusters but noticed several weeks later the screws were missing again??? So I installed some stainless screws I had laying around. Wondering if these were the ones he was supposed to put in? Have had the 9E error for about one week when using the Normal cycle. Smart cycle seems to be working correctly. Sounds like a soak in some bleach may solve the issue. Will try that.

Marlon said...

Had the 9E error and was able to fix it in about 2 hrs thanks to you guys! Would have been less, but I got some water into the plastic tray under the dishwasher which caused a subsequent LE error. Pulled the dishwasher back out and removed the sheet metal panel on the right side. Easier access to leak detector on bottom of unit (front right quadrant)if your hands aren't too big. Dried bottom out with a Sham-wow and then blew dry for about 10 min. Problem solved. Thanks again!

Marlon said...

Had the 9E error code and fixed it using procedure here for cleaning the drain tank. Word of caution: Avoid getting water into the plastic tray / base of the dishwasher. It will make its way to the leak sensor and cause a LE error. Pulled the sheet metal panel on the right side, dried the bottom with a Sham-wow and then blew dry. Problems solved. Thanks to all who went before me!

Kris T. said...

DMR78AHS here. Initially very impressed by:

1) Build Quality.
2) Capacity.
3) Ability to clean tightly packed dishes.
4) Effectiveness of 10 minute rinse cycle.
5) No need to rinse dishes before loading.

Now, completely disgusted!

1) Clips have broken of both top height adjusters.
2) Rubber end missing on removable rack.
3) Dishes come out dirty.
4) Glasses have developed a cloudy film over time.
5) No longer really cleans AT ALL!

I removed the bottom screen and found some pieces of glass and a lot of gunk built up. The screen itself is moldy. It's quite tricky to get the screen and gasket back on too. What's the point of a "no filter" design if stuff falls into the bottom and causes problems?

I totally regret this purchase. My wife now hates it. She wants to just forget the expense and throw it away so we can buy a working dishwasher. Probably a Bosch, since her parents have that, and it's much older than our Samsung, but is extrememly quiet and cleans everythig without rinsing beforehand. We now wash everything by hand first, with soap and sponge, before loading. We use the dishwasher just to finish it off, and rinse the soap away.

It was bought at Lowes.

So, should I throw it away, or should I buy some parts and a service manual to attempt to fix it? I'm wondering if I were to dismantle it, would I find some more broken glass preventing normal operation of the pump, or something like that.

Leo said...

We have had our samsung DMR78AHS for two years now. Unfortunately, I picked out all the kitchen appliances and my wife deplores this washer. All her complaints have been discussed in previous comments. May not be too much longer before this one gets tossed for different mfg. Neighbor has had Bosch for 5 years w/NO issues.

We live waaaay out in the country so I have been making all repairs with the help of this site (thanks RR)!

New error code that I was unable to locate herein: 6e2.

Does anyone have information on this one?

Kex said...

Leo, I searched that comment and came up with a stuck key or panel problem ... This is confirmed on the Samsung website support section. They suggest the following:

1) Turn off dishwasher and clean the panel.
2) Turn off power at the breaker and contact a service center.

Fantastic news, don't you think?!

Personally, I hesitate to call a service center since I feel like it would be throwing good money after bad. I'm sure service will cost about $200, maybe more, and that could be put toward a new Bosch instead. In your case, if it's still actually cleaning the dishes (which mine is not) I think I probably would call a service center.

The tricky part might how to identify a technician who actually knows something about them, though. Perhaps it's worth going through Samsung or the retailer for this?

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