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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great blog: World of Washers

While I was researching information on appliances on Digg, I stumbled upon a pretty interesting blog that talks ONLY about washers. I found a great article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of front load vs. top load washers. We just made the switch to front load machines, the (so far so good) Samsung WF337AAL washer DV337 dryer. (Check out my reviews on epinions here and here).

We made the decision to go with front load machines based largely on environmental concerns for water and energy conservation, and I had thought that top loaders were dinosaurs. Well I quickly found out that not everyone is as happy as I am with their front load machines!

I still believe front loaders are the way to go, and I feel terrible for people who were sold a bill of goods. But this is exactly the reason why we need to put pressure on manufacturers to build better machines and to own up to past mistakes with websites and blogs. There are good machines out there that more than pay back their additional acquisition costs.

The environment is too important to just give up and go back to water and energy hogs. Especially when this is really a design and engineering problem that some manufacturers have managed to solve.

Check out the World of Washers, especially if you are thinking of buying front loading machines.


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