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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miele 10 year warranty on laundry appliances in Canada

After blogging about the poor warranties offered by high end manufacturers (like Dacor, Viking, DCS), I was pleased to see at least one company take the bait. Miele in Canada is now offering an unprecedented 10 year warranty on laundry appliances.

Aside from this being a limited time promotion (on now until December 31st, 2008, reading the fine print turned up this gem:             
Limit of one claim per household, address person or organization.
Does this mean if my washing machine breaks more than once in 10 years, they won't fix it?? Promotions & Contests

1 comment:

James said...

Miele makes some good products but their factory and warranty support is non-existent. I purchased a dishwasher several months ago and despite repeated promises they have yet to actually show up to do any warranty work. This is very expensive equipment and they need to clean up their act and provide some service.
Edmonds Appliances has not stood behind the products either. I recommend you find another product and dealer.