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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samsung DMR77 Dishwasher rack adjusters (update)

After 2 months of waiting for parts (and the scheduled service call) we finally have our Samsung DMR77 dishwasher repaired!

Unfortunately the rack adjust clips seem to be of the same design, which means we can expect the plastic tabs to continue failing. Not impressed!

Here are a couple of pics of the old adjuster clip with broken tabs, and the new adjuster clip in place (where you can clearly see the tabs over the rack tines).

Samsung DMR77 rack adjuster with broken tabs Samsung DMR77 rack adjuster in place

I also mentioned to the tech (a replacement, who was not too familiar with Samsung diswhashers) that wash performance seemed to be deteriorating. He did a quick check and felt that there was not enough water in the bottom of the tub to wash effectively. He suggested trying first a cleaning product, and if there was no improvement, to make a new service call to have the pump checked.

So we will do this, and see what happens! In the meantime I intend to call Samsung customer service about the design of the rack adjuster clips (just for kicks).


NFer said...


I'm disappointed to read that the cleaning performance of your Samsung d/w is deteriorating, especially since I was hoping to buy one myself. Since I have their range (model 386), I thought it would be good if it and the d/w matched. I still would prefer to get the Samsung d/w, so in an effort to convince myself I searched for more on-line reviews. And while there are some positive reviews, there are many more that complain the the Samsung just doesn't clean very well (links on request). Disappointing to say the least. Do you have any experience with either GE Profile or Whirlpool dishwashers. Since my fridge is GE Profile, I could match the d/w to it. And I know where there's a sale on model pdw9280nss. Problem is, if there's one d/w that has even more on-line complaints than the Samsung, it's the GE Profile. I found one site that have over 45 customer reviews and all but one were negative! I'm also considering the Whirlpool Gold line even though it wouldn't match any other appliance. It's just that I've had good results with Whirlpool dishwashers in the past. In the search for consumer goods I'm not sure if the internet is a boon or a curse! There was a time when I needed something I would just go out and get it! Thanks for any thoughts or further updates you may have.

NFer said...

I meant to add that on some sites there are numerous complaints about the heating element failing on the Samsung d/w. I sent Samsung an email asking if in their opinion there was a problem. They sent me the following response: "We don't have any widespread issue in regards to the model DMR77LHS"

Random Royalty said...


Actually complaints about Samsung heater element failure are not for the DMR77. This is a very different machine from the older Samsung d/w (built by Maytag).

If you read my more recent posts and replies, I recommend avoiding anything made by Whirlpool or Electrolux (e.g. Maytag, KitchenAid, Frigidaire). Having said that, our experience with our older Kenmore/Whirlpool unit was satisfactory (even though it was an energy/water hog).

As far as cleaning performance, I have not had an opportunity to do what the Sears tech recommended, as our dishwasher is sitting in the garage pending the completion of our kitchen renovation. Once our counters are installed (granite, can't wait) we can finish the plumbing and reinstall the d/w.

Have you considered european brands such as Bosch, Asko or Blomberg?

Elizabeth said...

We also have the Samsung DMR77 dishwasher rack and have unfortunately experienced the exact same problem. The bracket has a clear design flaw that causes them to break due to thermal cycle resulting in the upper basket to no longer be supported. Interesting design considering the upper basket is supposed to use that bracket to adjust to hold plates. Hah it could never hold that weight. Stay away from this dishwasher unless these brackets are fixed with a more stable material such as metal.

Brown Hornet said...

Question: after having spent time with the Samsung, do you regret not buying the Bosch SHX68 for the incremental $800?

Coincidentally, we are considering the same two dishwashers - which lead me to this site.

Curious to get your hindsight perspective...

Random Royalty said...

@Brown Hornet

Check my latest post here and the comments on the main review here.

I have managed to restore cleaning performance with citric acid powder. We have also switched to President's Choice Green 4-in-1 Phosphate Free detergent packs and getting much better results than Cascade or Electrasol (powder OR tabs). So I am feeling good again about my DMR77.

Funny too, since the reno we have been getting lots of comments about how good it looks (after not noticing it being there for a year and a half), and despite my warnings I think both the renovation contractor and the kitchen installer were planning on buying one.

I am still not sure I like the idea of cleaning out the filter basket in the Bosch. Since our DMR77 is still fairly new, and we did purchase a 5 year extended warranty, and being rather exhausted financially by the kitchen reno, we won't be changing our dishwasher any time soon!

However I'm sure the readers of this blog would love it if you could post something about the outcome of your choice of machines!

risc32 said...

I've owned this dishwasher for about 14 months. Between my wife and I, and our 3 litte boys, we've had to run it nearly every day. We feel that it works very well, except for the poorly designed rack mounting clips. I searched the net for a possible cure, only to be lead here to see that the "fix" only replaces one faulty part with another. Since I didn't care to do that, and I'm pretty handy, I built a little fix of my own. All you have to do is to buy 4 stainless steel pan head screws, 1/4-20x 1 inch. Then 4 stainless 1/4-20x 5/16th Tee Nuts. Then get a piece of either stainless steel or aluminum about an inch or 2 wide x about 1/8 thick. Then cut 2 section about 4.5 or 5 inches long. Go to the dishwasher, and remove the two screws from the faulty bracket. Now using a drill, and your drill index you need to drill all the way threw the plastic bracket right where the screws were. Start with a little bit, and each time jumping up in bit size(so as to not break the bracket) until you have drilled a large enough hole for the Tee nuts to fit into. Then using the same technique, drill 2 holes in the aluminum/ stainless material you have. Keeping the same distance between them that you have on the plastic bracket. Finally, put the new screws in the now enlarged holes that once held the little samsung screws. Put the tee nuts in the aluminum/stainless "bar" and place in on the other side of the plastic bracket as to sandwich it. tighten, and your done. It sounds way more complicated than it is. If I could post a pic i would. one pic would make it very clear.

Gtownsen said...

The DMR77 looks great but suffers from some serious design flaws, not least of which is the problem with the rack levers. My solution: wrap two 8" plastic zip ties to clamp the bottom of each lever to the rack. Alas, when the original plastic clips broke from the levers, the pieces got lodged in the waste water pipe, apparently untouched by the food grinder. That was one service call. Then for no reason the unit blew a fuse; that was another service call. The grinder has never worked well so I have to carefully rinse dishes before putting them in the unit. The self-cleaning filter really doesn't clean itself. The rotating nozzle arms require cleaning after almost every wash, despite my rinsing efforts. And now the unit posts a 4E error message despite even though the water intake line is clear of any obstructions. After 2.5 years of one problem after the next, I'm in the market for a new machine. It won't be a Samsung.