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Friday, October 9, 2009

Samsung Induction Range now available

We have always coveted gas ranges but our neighborhood doesn't have gas distribution. This means that if we really want a gas range or cooktop, it means propane conversion and a 200 lb tank as well as overhauling our ventilation.

While doing some consulting work for the Institut de Hotellerie du Quebec (our national chef's school here in Montreal) a couple of years ago, I was introduced to induction, and I was suitably impressed. Since we had begun to design our new kitchen, I began to look into the costs of an induction cooktop. I was not only surprised at how expensive they were (over $2000 for just the cooktop), but also the requirement to upgrade the house electrical. In our case we would have to upgrade our 200A entrance and the wiring to the cooktop (ouch).

But now (finally) Samsung has introduced a standard range with an induction cooktop! And it is quite impressive. Looking very much like my FTQ386, the FTQ307 offers true induction with very slick rangetop touch controls (SelectTouch), and the very obvious elimination of knobs on the range panel. The only other difference I can make out is an increase (!) in the oven capacity from 5.7 to 5.9 cu ft., (with the space saving coming from the induction surface). This range looks like it plugs into a standard 220V range outlet.

I am totally gushing over this and I can't wait to see one (or even get to try one out). However I am concerned that the surface "elements" have been compromised in order to make this compatible with standard range wiring and current limits. There is one large element, but the other three seem to be on the smallish size.

Pricing in Canada at Future Shop is $2900, which seems a bit pricey (suggested retail in the US is $1999).


Brown Hornet said...

We're about to pick up this bad-boy next month. Will follow up with a full review.

Random Royalty said...

@Brown Hornet

I'm so jealous! I'll be looking forward to your review!

Uncle Whit said...

I just talked to a guy at Lowes about the Samsung Induction Range. It will be on sale Thanksgiving for around $1600. Interested in your review. By the way, I have had a Samsung Fridge for about two years and love it.

roberge said...

From what I have been reading: Very noizy fan to cool down the electronics. Cooktop configuration only one large burner and organisation is wierd. Read the user manual before buying to see if it works for you.

Brown Hornet said...

We decided to hold off until the 2nd generation of induction ranges. Will stick to our old appliances in the new house for awhile... (while secretly hoping that they conk, forcing me to replace them!).

Brown Hornet said...

Here's my sordid tale: Thanks to reading this blog, I went out to purchase a Samsung fridge and stove for our new house (I did opt for the Bosch for the dishwasher). I was considering the induction stove but something strange happened when I went to The Brick: I was put under a magical spell and somehow walked away with KitchenAid appliances!

Well, the appliances looked fantastic in our kitchen but shortly after less than FIVE DAYS, the oven light showed signs of poltergeist possession: it would come on and off on its own accord.

A quick service call lead to a replace motherboard which then led to a second service call to address a faulty cable harness.

Long story short, the stove is getting replaced.

My replacement stove?


Yes, my kitchen will have a Bosch dishwasher, a Samsung stove, and a KitchenAid fridge. But I'm happy.

Yi said...

Bestbuy has this cooktop for about $1500. Cannot find watt data on the burner top.
Still looking for the best pan for stir frying on the induction cooktop.
I got a portable one to start experimenting with induction cooking. I find myself using it more than my regular radient cooktop.

Random Royalty said...


The wattage of the induction elements are as follows:

Right Front: 6", 2.0 KW
Left Front: 11", 3.7 KW
Right Rear: 7", 2.6 KW
Left Rear: 6", 2.0 KW

My opinion is that they made a really need 2 large burners. But increasing the wattage would mean the standard 40 amp circuit would not be adequate.

gomez said...

Don't buy this stove, don't buy this stove don't buy this stove....did I mention don't buy this stove. After a few days of having the stove it would give a SE error and shut off all the burners. I had to reset the breaker outside to get it to work again only to have it go out a few minutes later. I called the service people and they came out and said it needed a new mother board, 3 weeks later the board was replaced. Later that afternoon the SE returned and shut off the burners again only I didn’t need to reset the breaker just the key pad every time. Three weeks late they replaced the keypad board. I showed the tech that I had figured out if a drop of water gets on the top left OFF key of the key pad it will error out. You will note the location of this OFF button is right on the edge of the pan and condensation builds up and drops water on it. He called Samsung and said that was an anti-boil over setting and couldn’t be changed, so all this time it was a design issue. The large burner is too big for most pans the one in the back is also too far back that the pan hits the stove the one in front is too close to control. The racks scrape the side of the oven and don’t slide out very easy and it takes a long time for the oven to heat up even on convection. Bad location of controls and burners. It’s going back …by the way did I mention don’t buy this stove!!!

calebu2 said...

Based on your research, what would you go for if you were looking for an electric range in the 500-900 stainless finish price bracket.

We've had no issues with our LG fridge and our Samsung washer and dryer. Same cannot be said for dishwashers (either Samsung or Frigidaire). Our Kenmore range which is 7 years old is finally overheating and frying the control panel.

The FE-R300SX looks solidly made for the price, but after our dishwasher experience we are uncomfortable allowing Samsung back into our kitchen.

randomroyalty said...


I still love our Samsung range, and would probably buy another one if I was replacing today. I bake 3 times a week and we cook with it every day.

Only problem after 3 years was the large 12" 3-way burner failed, but our extended service plan with Brault and Martineau came through with fast, efficient and courteous service.

I have not taken a look at the new Samsumg line, so I can't comment.

In addition to the Samsung I would look seriously at a Bosch or GE.