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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2nd redesign: Samsung DMR-77/78 rack adjuster clips

Barely 6 months after the last replacement of the so-called 'new and improved' rack adjuster clips, the tabs started breaking off again. I had the Sears tech in to fix the faulty float that causes the 9E error code and asked him to order me a new set.

Well they never arrived, and last week the circulation pump jammed with what I had suspected were the broken tabs. I am quite fortunate to have quick service from Sears (the service depot is just a few kilometres away), but when he showed up he didn`t have the right parts.

After finding what looked like a huge chunk of broken opaque pyrex, he replaced the pump and reordered the rack adjusters. He also left me a copy of a Samsung service advisory with the following information:

Although the tabs holding the Basket Height Adjusters they remain susceptible to breakage. The plastic tabs become brittle due to a number of factors including water temperature, cleaning agents and the force applied to adjust the basket height. The broken adjusters can end up in the drain pump or circulation pump...Additionally the adjusters (sic) can create noise problems or even prevent the pump(s) from operating properly. Please make sure to inspect both pumps for broken clips as they can create a second repair later on.

So obviously if the circulation pump is impeded by debris (ahem, rack adjuster clip tabs or broken glass) it will obviously impede cleaning performance. The tech confirmed this and recommended a cycle with Dishwasher Magic to get things back to like new performance. 

After the new circulation pump and a cycle with Dishwasher Magic, my DMR-77 is now running almost like new with much improved cleaning performance.

Today, the new rack adjuster clips arrived by UPS and I noticed right away that they have added additional reinforcement to the tabs.

Note the new adjuster on the left now has 3 ribs vs. the 1 rib of the first redesign.

All I can say is that at least Samsung appears to be willing to improve the parts but it still remains that their dishwasher is not as reliable as it should be. 

In terms of service, the latest tech that Sears sent was exemplary and highly competent, offering a lot of advice on keeping the machine in top running shape.

So for all you people out there who have posted to this blog about your Samsung dishwasher problems, I hope this new information will help in resolving some of the persistent and frustrating issues with the machine.

First, getting the circulation pump inspected and replaced, then the new rack adjusters and finally if you are experiencing deteriorating wash performance, try a bottle (or 2) of Dishwasher Magic.


Kex said...

Excellent advice. I'm about to throw our beautiful, but useless DMR78 in the garbage and get a Bosch instead, but maybe I'll order the height adjusters and inspect the pump first: to find the old broken tabs, of course!

TX Girl said...

I have gone through this same thing for 3 years now. Luckily the dishwasher in under warranty but I have to have someone come out and replace the basket adjusters every 4-6 months. ALL of my tabs fall of pretty much simultaneously! I haven't had enough services done on my washer to deem it a lemon. By now they could have replaced my washer for less than the service calls put together. BTW, we don't have a heating element in our unit, we use natural dishwasher soap and I only put glasses and plastic on the top. None of which should cause this damage. Good Luck to all and if under warranty, document everything.

Faith said...

I am going through the same problem. The upper rack hinge clips broke and the following wash cycle started the grinding noise.

Do you know the part number for the circulation pump? I can find a Drain pump
Sump assembly

Not sure if one of these items also goes by the name circulation pump or if it is an entirely different part.


Anonymous said...

I also have a Samsung dishwasher(DMT610) with the problem of the upper rack tabs breaking off. It is less than one year old and in need of repair for the third time. I found via this blog that the tabs that are currently breaking are the "redesigned" ones. Samsung Customer Care was no help with information concerning this part, instead refering me to Sears (who holds the warranty). Sears and their appliance repair person are doing what they can, which is to repeatadly change the upper rack supports. The response from Samsung has led me to avoid Samsung products in the future.

PC Richard and Son said...

You make some very good points, especially tall items that tend to block the detergent dispenser. This is a typical problem with many dishwashers (Kenmore/ Whirlpool, for example). For us it has happened more than once that a pan or cutting board blocked the door and cleaning was affected.

PC Richard & Son

Unknown said...

Do you know the art number for the new adjuster?

randomroyalty said...

@Eli Pullan

Sorry for the delay. You are in luck...I just found the parts bags, surprised that I kept them!

673002400032-DD97-00119A (RH)
673002400032-DD97-00120A (LH)


ConstantlyReinventing said...

I can't find these rack adjuster clips. Anyone have a direct link?