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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bye-bye Samsung Dishwasher

The saga with our Samsung DMR77 dishwasher is about to come to an end. About a week after the last service call to replace (yet again) the basket height adjusters, a door spring broke (actually it was a piece of rope that rubs against a tensioner pulley).

When the tech came, I asked him to file a report to have Sears buy back the machine and replace it with a new one. We did so as repairs seem to be required on a monthly basis, and no matter how much we clean the machine, we cannot seem to restore cleaning performance for more than a couple of loads.

As an aside, I must say that Sears in Canada has provided exemplary service. Without balking, it took a matter of hours before I was called to be informed that a buyback for $690 was approved, with the details sent to my local Sears Decor store. I could go anytime to choose a new machine.

The tech seemed to have a preference for Kitchen Aid, and while they look good and are now the silent champion, they are now quite pricey. I have been leaning towards Bosch, and fortunately for us, there was a great sale on the Bosch Evolution 301 at $450 off this weekend. While at $1249 this machine is overpriced (even for Canada) at $799 it is close to the best price I could find on-line in the U.S. and the cheapest in Canada.

This dishwasher is garnering excellent reviews for its reliability and cleaning performance. It is quieter (48 dbA vs 51 dbA for the Samsung), more energy efficient (259 kWh per year vs 310) and uses less water per cycle (11 litres vs 20). A few nice features include a light that shines on the floor to let you know it is running, and a fingerprint-resistant front surface that unfortunately does not really look like stainless steel. My only real gripe is the smaller capacity and apparently no quick rinse cycle (which I used all the time on the Samsung).

While Samsung makes amazingly good washing machines and refrigerators, I can't understand how they can continue to foist sub-par dishwashers on the market. Even the newer models seem to break with alarming frequency, and now Samsung is lowering prices to make them attractive to buyers.

Stay tuned for a full review of the Bosch Evolution in the coming weeks.


Troy said...

I am eager to hear your review of the new Bosch unit as we have been looking at dishwashers for about a month and by all accounts, Bosch seems to be one of the best.

However, we are on a budget, so I am curious as to why you said the lower end Bosch units are far inferior? I have researched a while and see differences in options and styles, but shouldn't the units all share the same core components?

We live in Canada and can't see us paying more than $600 for our next dishwasher. On that note, what is your view of looking at the local Sears outlet? I saw the unit you bought for around $500 or $600. Thanks.


Kex said...

Wow, that's pretty damning for the Samsung! I'm still struggling along with the DMR78, for all the same reasons (broken clips and constantly dirty dishes from brown scum that builds up under the filter area ... and everywhere else in the dishwasher).

A family member has a Bosch, that was bought about three years earlier than our Samsung. It is incredibly quiet, so the light showing that it is actually running is going to be useful. If there is any background noise, it's almost impossible to know if it's running without just opening the door and interrupting the cycle (not very convenient).

Their Bosch is amazing at cleaning dishes without rinsing them beforehand in the sink (just brush off loose food items without the need for running water). Although seemingly smaller than the Samsung, the arrangement of racks makes far more usable sense to me, in particular the upper rack. Drying seems comparable to the Samsung (mostly works, but plastic items retain moisture). It may still be necessary to have a drying towel handy for the occasional wipe dry while putting things away.

It has also been extremely reliable, with no signs of wear, or a single broken part after all these years.

We had a brand new KitchenAid in a rental property in 2006-7, prior to owning the Samsung. It was a good dishwasher, but I cannot say that it was especially impressive compared to a decent GE dishwasher.

I'll be eager to read your review, since KitchenAid and Bosch are on our priority list as well, if the Samsung doesn't start working properly within the next six months.

jaller888 said...

Hi Random,

We have given up as well, after pretty much all the same problems such as 9E, basket adjuster clips, door rope breaks (both) and poor cleaning performance, we have gone out and purchased a Bosch Ascentia. Just installed today.

Some immediate observations, the Bosch was incredibly lighter than the samsung, and again , that deceiving samsung appears to be built better with more sound prevention wrapping, butil, and just a more solid unit. Just too bad it does not do the things that it should well. All Samsung would have to do is listen to its customers and it would easily have the best product on the market. Their problems seems to be easily remedied but they are slow to react.
They got so many other things right, what a shame.

Here's hoping a American made , German engineered product will work for us :)


randomroyalty said...


I agree with your comments, spot on! I fail to understand how Samsung makes fantastic refrigerators, stoves and washing machines, yet drops the ball on what easily could be the best dishwasher on the market.

So far very pleased with Bosch cleaning performance. My only beef is its smaller capacity... we run the dishwasher much more often as a result.